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The new BPL Board of Directors had a productive day, putting emphasis on power generation. According to Chairman Donovan Moxey,  jampacked with meetings addressed  an array of topics dedicated to improving the country’s power supply. 

Discussions covered everything from government’s investigation into the previous board to tackling the vexing problem of providing the company’s customers with the service they deserve.

 When asked what he had to say about customers that just want their power on, newly appointed Chairman Donavan Moxey said, “we’re working on that. There are a  number of things and we know a number of our issue lies within power generation, which needs to be resolved as quickly as possible.”

He added, “there’s probably a couple of other issues that were mentioned today involved with transmission and distribution in really determining the cause of fault in our network and we learn today, there are some studies that are about to take place to determine exactly what these issues are.” 

“For  us as a board, we know that we’re the only electricity provider in the country. We’re the largest one. People are paying a high cost for power and we want to make sure that power stays on”, he said. 

As for the government’s investigation, Mr. Moxey said they have no problem cooperating with the government in that capacity. 

However, the new board has no intention of becoming distracted by matters surrounding the previous board. 

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