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Bowe Attacks Bain’s Character


IMG_0702Democratic National Alliance (DNA) card bearer for the Southern Shores constituency Ethric Bowe announced this past Friday that he had turned in his resignation letter to the leadership of the party, as they chose to align themselves with an unsavory character as Lincoln Bain.

At a press conference yesterday afternoon, Mr. Bowe clearly gave his reasons behind turning in his resignation, noting that in good conscience he could not work along with a party that had someone such as Mr. Bain on its ticket.

“Lincoln Bain is bad news. There are some habits that Lincoln has that would scare me. If I was looking to vote for a party and saw Lincoln as a representative of that party I would run away because I would be very fearful of where the nation is going if he became a cabinet minister or was responsible for any significant agency of the country. I would be very concerned,” Mr. Bowe stated.

Mr. Bowe noted that had the leadership of the DNA asked already ratified DNA candidates or simply asked the FNM leadership about Mr. Bain they would have gotten the answers they needed.

“I just heard Chris Mortimer say they did a very thorough vetting of Lincoln Bain. If they had only asked the existing candidates, we would have been able to tell them that this is a person that will bring harm to the DNA’s reputation. The FNM just declared Lincoln Bain an unfit character they said he was not a fit and proper person to be a FNM candidate.

“The leader of the DNA, Branville McCartney is very close cousins with Hubert Minnis. He could have gotten on the phone with him, Hubert could have told him why the FNM rejected Lincoln Bain,” Mr. Bowe said.

Mr. Bain also noted that he felt as though the DNA is presenting the party as one that is desperately in need of candidates with the nomination of Mr. Bain.

“If you are going to recruit someone like Lincoln Bain it is really saying that you are desperate and the DNA was on a good wicket, the response we were getting from the community was superior. Other things I can probably explain to the electorate. This one I couldn’t explain, I would not be able to defend this election,” Mr. Bowe said.

Noting that the position he has taken regarding Mr. Bain does not just stand with him alone, but also include other persons that had invested with Mr. Bain and did not see a return on their investment or received their monies back.

“The selection of people with ‘iffy’ character is not good for The Bahamas. A good number of people who lost money got involved [with the investment] because either they were working with me and they said well, if I’m investing in it must me good, or they were friends of mine.

“It cuts deep to see somebody who did to us what he did. No, it would be remis of us to sit down idly and let it go,” Mr. Bowe said.

Mr. Bowe noted that he and those affected by Lincoln Bain has formed a committee that is determined to inform and make the Bahamian people aware of the behavior of Mr. Bain.

“We had a committee that wherever he [Lincoln] goes we would show up and make the public aware if his behavior, Mr. Bowe said.

Mr. Bowe further noted that he made a promise to the people of Southern Shores as well as the Bahamians on the whole and that promise is to be honest and not compromise who he is just to be a part of a power situation.

Recently overlooked by the Free National Movement (FNM) as a candidate for the Pinewood Constituency, Lincoln Bain was ratified by the DNA for the same area.

In a radio response to Mr. Bowe’s claim, Mr. Bain on his talk show noted that Mr. Bowe himself does not represent good characteristics, stating that wherever he goes he causes confusion.

“The Justice league was dismantled because [it] was short lived. I was standing for those people. He [Mr. Bowe] started throwing all kinds of stuff and started trying to turn everyone against each other, that’s what he does.

“He started throwing all kinds of slanderous allegations. He started trying to say all kinds of things were going on in the organization in terms of the funds. He breaks up everywhere he goes,” Mr. Bain said.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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