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Bourland Grateful To God For The Science of Adult Stem Cells

By P.J. Malone

Bill Bourland of Arizona (from the last Clifton Review article) is convinced that God was the reason he was able to be cured of a deadly disease using Adult stem cells.

After running into one dead end after another, Bill and his wife Mary had lost hope of finding a treatment that could cure Bill of his deadly disease. So they focused on preparing for the end of his life.

Bill’s story and others’ successess with adult stem cells are chronicled in articles on the website The article on Bill asks the question, was it ‘serendipity or a Divine Messenger?’ when this solution showed up at their door:

“One day their new neighbor Tom Nunn showed up at the door asking to borrow a garden tool. Although she hardly knew him, Mary poured her heart out in a rush of tears and emotion. To her utter surprise, Tom explained that he was an MDS [Myelodysplastic Syndromes] survivor, thanks to an adult stem cell transplant.”

The Bourland’s acted right away to see a doctor and find out more. They were told that chances of success were only 30% and they had to find a donor with the right match of blood and tissue type.

That turned out to be one of Bill’s brothers, Bob. They indicated that preparations began with medications, paperwork, and prayer. The article shares Bill’s perspective on the process:

“’I know it sounds trite, but I could really feel the prayers,’ says Bill. ‘There was discomfort going through the chemo and it wasn’t easy on Bob either, but I just figured God was in control and this is part of the cure.’”

Mary explained that it was a slow process of recovery and it was months before Bill started feeling a lot better but he did eventually get back to his old self.

“Six years after the adult stem cell transplant, Bill Bourland is embracing life like never before, refurbishing antique trucks and volunteering at church. He credits his brother Bob—the donor of the healthy adult stem cells—as well as Dr. Yeager and all the prayer support he’s gotten from Mary and others with his recovery.

Of his recovery, Bill was reported as saying, “’I’m so grateful to God and for the science of adult stem cells. Adult stem cells really do save lives. I’m living proof.”

Bill’s story is only one of several moving stories chronicled on this organization’s website. The articles reveal how adult stem cells are changing lives, but the website also explains the critical need for research:

“Millions of people have died throughout history from what was believed to be at the time an incurable disease. The Bubonic Plague, an infection of the lymphatic system, claimed an estimated 200 million lives over several centuries before antibiotics were introduced in modern times.

“Smallpox is a virus unique to humans that killed 60 million Europeans and decimated the Native American population by more than 10 million. To this day, smallpox is the only human infectious disease known to have been completely eradicated.

“The key to curing and treating these and dozens of other diseases and conditions is research. Scientists believe that unlocking the mysteries of the stem cell could help untold millions who fall victim to various diseases, injuries and conditions.”

So here we have adult stem cells beginning to be used successfully in the world to help cure individuals of various illnesses, but its widespread efficacy is dependent on more research.

Imagine the role The Bahamas could play in the field of Adult Stem Cell research. Imagine the discoveries that could be made. Imagine the Bahamians that could be helped. The Bahamas could become a place of great import in medical research if only we would stop ‘cutting off our noses to spite our faces’.

Fashion mogul Peter Nygard has done a great thing aiming to build a stem cell research facility in The Bahamas and increase medical tourism. The benefits would not only be financial, but there would be countless medical benefits to Bahamians suffering from various illnesses.

If we call ourselves a ‘serious’ country, we really need to get serious about our development and expansion and seize the opportunities to move forward in being considered a great nation. Support the building of a stem cell research facility in The Bahamas.

The lists 71 diseases and conditions that are being helped by adult stem cell research and/or therapies. You can review the list here:


Written by Jones Bahamas

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