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Bahamas Faith Ministries this past Emancipation Weekend hosted another BFM Commonwealth Day distributing over 2000 school Bags for Children and hundreds of bags of Groceries. As thousands of people still stagger under the affect of the Global Economic Crisis and its impact on economies around the world, with many losing their jobs, houses, security and sanity, the cry for help for basic needs continue to rise.

Today Bahamas Faith Ministries Fellowship Once again responded to the needs of hundreds of families and they hosted their 2013 COMMONWEALTH DAY. Capacity crowds converged on the BFM Diplomat Center for the Kingdom Community event established three years ago by Sr. Pastor Dr. Myles Munroe. Commonwealth Day is a program that encourages members of the church community to bring food, clothing, furniture, appliances, toys, school products and any other material that others can use to the Center and make them available to as many as may need them.

“I want to say a big thank you to BFM for being a life saver for me and many others. As a member of this church I am proud not just to be a contributor but also a beneficiary of COMMONWEALTH DAY Program. My children are also grateful” said a grateful BFM member.

Last year hundreds of pairs of shoes, thousands of dollars worth of clothing and groceries were distributed through the Commonwealth Day programme.

“I am shocked at what I saw today” said a visitor from the United States Sarah Bellum.

“I witnessed more than a message on kingdom love, but saw the practical manifestation of sharing the wealth has impacted me deeply and I will take this program home to my church”.

The leadership of BFM Fellowship are please by the generosity of the members of its local fellowship again this week provide thousands of dollars worth of food, clothes, and over 2000 back pack with books, pencils and other utensils for children whose parents need assistance.

The exciting service was full of anticipation as the worship Team led a spirited worship session and Dr. Munroe delivered a spell binding teaching on “the kingdom concept and principle of social transforming”.

After the teaching Dr. Munroe turned the program over to director of the BFM COMMONWEALTH DAY PROGRAM Minister Kerch Darville to invited hundreds of anxious members and visitors to line up for distribution of bags of groceries, school bags, books, appliances and rows of clothing items.

“We have distributed thousands of dollars worth of goods over the past three years since the Economic Crisis hit our community and we have seen many families who had no other source of help for their children” said Dr. Munroe.

Bahamas Faith Ministries is planning one more Commonwealth Day celebration for Christmas season.

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