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BEC Workers Want Miller Fired

The Bahamas Electrical Workers Union (BEWU) is calling for the resignation of Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) Executive Chairman Leslie Miller after one of its members was terminated from the corporation without notice.

The union claims that Melinda Cunningham, an entry level clerk in the Customer Service Department at BEC, was given a letter by BEC on March 25 advising her that her contract had been terminated.

The union said Ms. Cunningham’s performance appraisals demonstrate that she was an excellent employee and she was given no reason why her contract was ending.

In addition to Ms. Cunningham’s termination, the BEWU also claimed that the union’s Chief Shop Steward Michael Edgecombe, a mechanical mate in the Energy Supply Suspension was given a letter of suspension Tuesday over remarks he made on a radio talk show recently.

On Tuesday, the union staged a demonstration outside the corporation’s Baillou Hill Road location and called for Mr. Miller to step down or be fired.

BEC employees walked off the job leaving managers to cover the unstaffed areas.

The union, which has been at odds with Mr. Miller, who has publicly chastised BEC employees and even accused some employees of engaging in criminal activity by defrauding the company of money through overtime, said these latest moves amount to union busting.

“I have a right to speak my mind freely,” said Mr. Edgecombe. “And every thing that I said on the radio explains exactly how these employees feel.”

The union’s Vice President Ervin Smith said what has happened to Ms. Cunningham is particularly disturbing.

“She has been with the corporation for 17 years and she has a wonderful record,” he said. “This simply does not make sense and it is wrong.”

Mr. Miller arrived at BEC as the workers staged their walkout where he gave notice that he had no intention of stepping down.

“Any employer has the right to disassociate itself from any employee, he said. “BEC is no different. But let me make it very clear – I am not going anywhere.”

Mr. Miller also hinted that the employees who participated in Tuesday’s walkout could face repercussions for staging what he called “an illegal strike.”

However, the BEWU said that that the demonstration took place during the employees’ lunch hour.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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