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BEC Customer Outraged Over Power Disconnections

A mother of three said that she is frustrated and can no longer tolerate the disruption in services from The Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) after exhausting all avenues in an effort to have BEC address her complaints.

She stressed that she had no choice but to take her cries to the press and now at her wits end, she explained that the situation not only increases her risk for an asthma attack but also affects the well-being of her children.

The civil servant of Marshall Road who wanted to remain anonymous told the Bahama Journal that her lights had been disconnected religiously for the past six months although she has been paying her monthly bills.

Having made up to date payments her lights have once again been disconnected last month and still remain off.

“I’m asthmatic, I cannot take humid conditions, my ventilator does not even work properly because of the humid conditions, I had to sleep with a mattress to the door with the door wide open, thank God I have burglar bars but I had to take the risk for health reasons,” she said.

“The previous month, I had to pay for a motel twice back to back because of BEC and in addition to that still turn around and pay the bill, so I’m paying the motel and I’m also paying BEC to keep the lights on, I’m going into them with these complaints and still nothing.”

She added that along with her monthly payments for electricity she is also on a payment plan for monies owed from a previous residence.

She further explained that the balance for her previous residence in September was $900 but yet this month it rose to $1,100.

She claimed that it is an obvious error that must be investigated.

As for her light bill for the home she currently lives in now, she claims that only some $100 is owed yet she faced disconnection.

“I’m a single mother and here it is now every month regardless of paying my bill my light has been turned off for every three weeks less than a month consecutively from April to now,” she said.

“I’ve been going into BEC paying what they asked, I have the receipts to prove it, I have been on the payment plan although I have been told as of late that is being discontinued, however I have a bill on my bill that they are saying is some previous bill from the past but they cannot not even prove this, never the less I have been paying it. My main complaint is why is it that less than a month consecutively like clockwork I’m being cut off less than a month.”

The Bahama Journal made an effort to contact BEC Chairman Leslie Miller.

Mr. Miller assured that he would look into the matter.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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