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Baptist Bishop Reacts To Bail Figures

A leading Baptist bishop said the fact that more than 400 people accused of serious crimes like murder are out on bail “reflects miserably” on the people leading the crime fight.

New Covenant Baptist Church Senior Pastor Simeon Hall wasted no time responding to the announcement made by Attorney General Allyson Maynard-Gibson on Monday.

Mrs. Maynard-Gibson said due to poor record-keeping and file management, she is unable to say exactly how many people are out on bail, but the projections show that more than 400 have been released on bail since 2002.

In an emailed response Bishop Hall said even the projected numbers are outstanding.

“The legal fraternity must lead the country out of the judicial quagmire into which it has sunk,” he said.

“In the last 10 years, both political parties played the name and blame game, while both bear some culpability.”

The attorney general added that bail system is plagued with poor record-keeping and file management which has led to many lawyers being able to get bail for a client who really does not deserve it.

“I am convinced that some lawyers are comfortable with things being as they are so that they can benefit economically from the state of things,” Bishop Hall added. “Minister Maynard-Gibson’s description on Monday about lawyers shopping for loopholes in the system proves my point.

“Each and every new attorney general points to the failures in the system, most times leaving it as they met it. I am hopeful it does not happen this time.”

Bishop Hall said the criminal culture will hardly change as there are powerful persons who benefit from it.

He said for the Bail Act to be remedied it may need to be constitutionally changed, adding that the legal minds that framed it are the best ones to change it.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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