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Baptist Bishop Credits Gov’t’s 100-Day Achievements

An outspoken Baptist bishop weighed in on the Christie administration’s first 100 days in office, lauding the government’s determination and focus to complete its ambitious agenda as set out in its Charter for Governance, especially when it comes to the crime issue.

Although Senior Pastor at New Covenant Baptist Church Bishop Simeon Hall believes 100 days is not sufficient to tell how a government is going to do, he applauded the Christie administration’s attempt.

Bishop Hall went a step further to highlight the government’s iron fist approach to the vexing crime issue and gave high marks for the strides it is making in the crime fight.

“I certainly want to commend the Christie government, particularly the Ministry of National Security, for making it possible for us to see an apparent [decrease] in the criminal activity,” Bishop Hall said.

“I think the surge that we have become accustomed to has had a dent in it and since we’ve criticised governments, I think we should commend them when there is some apparent success.”

While some believe that the recent lull in crime could be credited to the government’s reintroduction of Urban Renewal 2.0 others credit the former Ingraham administration’s package of anti-crime bills. But, the former chairman of the National Advisory Council on Crime believes it could be both.

“I think the presence of police in these communities certainly seems to be working. It’s not a matter of giving credit to who did what, it is a matter of not having to listen to a murder every morning and I pray God that we can move forward and that the next 100 days is as hopeful as the last 100,” he said.

Bishop Hall gave commentary on national issues, while addressing members of the Rotary Club of South East yesterday.

In November, Bishop Hall will step down as senior pastor of New Covenant Baptist Church; however, he says that does not mean that he won’t continue to speak out on various national issues.

“My retirement will in no way mean I will go off into some place of ease – but I shall be active and serving whenever I can,” he said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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