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Bahamas Agriculture and Industrial Corporation (BAIC)   is expanding  the “pop up farmer’s market” which Executive Chairman Michael Foulkes described in the House of Assembly a few weeks ago as a smashing success.

Noting that Health Minister Duane Sands has been publicly campaigning to encourage Bahamians to eat vegetables and fruits, BAIC begins the pop up market to inner city communities beginning in Bains and Grants Town.

BAIC sources as many produce and fruits as they can obtain from the family islands,  disregarding the $9,000 maximum  amount  that is usually taken from the family island yearly. 

Mr Foulkes said, “We’ve been getting a lot of calls from the family islands as well and they are very interested in the famers market. 

“A lot of people are aware of it because we do a weekly WhatsApp message and that weekly WhatsApp message says exactly what we’re going to offer.” 

“We source these produce every week farm fresh from our family island farmers. 

“They are put on the mail boat and they are available on Saturday morning, every Saturday, freshly harvested the same week.”

He also said that they did not realize that they were tapping into such a great demand for Bahamian produce,  but are surprised that the they are contributing toward food security and sovereignty in The Bahamas.

The FNM government’s long term goal is to drastically reduce the country’s reliance on imports.

They plan on doing that by growing, processing and marketing our food and reducing the cost of living for all Bahamians.

Mr. Foulkes says that you can’t find prices like these anywhere else and thanks the public for their continued support.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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