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Bahamians Share Mixed Views over ‘PLP Arrests’

With several former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Cabinet members being arrested and others questioned over alleged misconduct while in office, much has been made over the government’s handling of the situation.

With all that is going on, The Bahama Journal took to the streets to get the public’s response about how the government’s acting on one of its central campaign promises to arrest corrupt politicians.

Faran Turnquest of Washington Street said he approved of the Free National Movement’s (FNM) method.

“It’s the people’s time and they are simply carrying out the people’s wishes. Ken Dorsett them was doing fool so they need to spend some time up Fox Hill,” Mr. Turnquest said.

“Send a message to these people let them know it’s not a game.”

Terrance Bullard of Key West Street also agreed with the government’s handling of the situation

“Doc and his crew are doing a good job. If you do wrong, you need to go to jail, no if ands and buts about it. Lock they (expletive) up,” Mr. Bullard said.

Mike Elliott of Podoleo Street said the arrests are helping to set a precedent.

“I like what they doing because it shows politicians you can’t play with the people’s money and get away with it,” Mr. Elliott said. “I agree with it.”

However, not every person we spoke with felt that the government has been going about it the right way and many feel that the government is just working to appease its political fan base.

Robert Russell of Florida Court called it simply a farce.

“I think it’s a sham. It’s all for a show.  If it was me or you, we were going to jail. We wasn’t getting no bail,” Mr. Russell said.

“I think they are just doing this because it was a campaign promise they made to their supporters.  They had to it.”

Edith Thompson of Minnie Street said she felt it was persecution of former PLPs.

“I think they are just singling out the PLP. There were FNMs who were in power and did wrong.  Why are they not going after them?” Ms. Thompson said.

“They are abusing their power because they are trying to make it seem as though only the PLP did wrong.

Her daughter Shacara Wilson, also of Minnie Street, felt the same way.

“The FNM is persecuting people,” Ms. Wilson said.

“They PLP weren’t the only people with their hands in the cookie jar. If you want to come for one set of people you have to come for all.”

Damian Gomez, lawyer for the Progressive Liberal Party, last week said the Minnis administration’s directions for the Royal Bahamas Police Force to pursue corruption cases before legislation is passed establishing an independent anti-corruption agency has opened the system to abuse, bias and interference from the governing party.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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