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Bahamians March In Support Of Hanging

A small group of citizens marched through the streets of New Providence Monday calling for tougher punishment against criminals who wreak havoc on society.

The Freedom March brought together concerned citizens and members of the non-profit organisation, Families of All Murdered Victims (FOAM) who carried signs that read, “Hang All Murderers”, “No Bail for Murderers”, No One is Above the Law,” and “Is Crime Really Low.”

The group is calling for hanging to be carried out as a form of capital punishment against criminals who commit serious offences.

Outspoken activist Rodney Moncur organised the Whit Monday march and said its objective was to get lawmakers to listen to the cries of the country’s citizens who are demanding that drastic measures be taken to address crime.

“We want a more peaceful and loving society,” Mr. Moncur said, “we want the police to obey the law; we want every citizen to obey the law and I think every now and then Bahamians must take to the street to defend their democracy and their freedom and to tell those the gangsters and the criminals and those who believe in ‘gangsterism’ and Nazism that it is wrong and we will turn them back.”

Khandi Gibson and Beverly, who asked that her last name not be disclosed, were among the relatives of murdered victims who participated in the march.

They say it was important to show up as a way to honour their relatives.

Two of Gibson’s brothers were gunned down less than six months apart between 2011 and 2012 and Beverley’s son Kylee was killed last November.

“It is very important and we as Bahamian citizens should all stand together when a murder happens,” Ms. Gibson said.”The way I see it everybody is affected by murder and so every Bahamian should be here.”

“I am here today to march for my son and all the murdered victims in the country,” Beverly said.

The group says it will continue to stage marches like Monday’s all in an effort to mount pressure on lawmakers to enact tougher laws to punish criminals – and to send a message to criminals that the citizens of this country will no longer live in fear.

With 41 murders already on the books for the year, Mr. Moncur says the government continues to drag its feet with addressing crime in the country.

Its non action, he says, makes the government complicit.

“The objective is to punish murderers,” he said. “The objective is to put the fear in the hearts of all the citizens so they could recognise that if they commit murder, they will suffer the consequences of the law.”

“This has nothing to do with revenge or being blood thirsty; this has to do with establishing the value of human life. If you deprive a man deliberately of his life then the just payment is the depravation of your life.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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