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Bahamians Call On Each Other

If you were to ask a number of Bahamians what they think about what the Christie administration has in store to tackle this problem, they’d tell you nothing much will change unless and until everyone gets on board to help win the war.

Escalated saturation patrols, the reinstallment of 12-hour shifts and additional criminal courts are just a few of what the government’s promising to do.

This is all in the wake of a troubling crime wave that has perhaps left as many people dead as those brought before the courts for those crimes.

However many hold that the government cannot do it alone, Cleopha Collie said the adults are really the ones who need to take the reign.

“It’s up to us to be role models and make impression to the younger ones, right now they have people to look up to but the ones they are supposed to be they choose not to, we need to take control.”

Another concerned citizen says Bahamians need to be rational about the decision they are making.

Mr. Greene said “Some of these young boys they don’t really think, someone offends them, they have to retaliate, and this won’t work because at the end of the day, we suffer.”

It was also during his almost 20 minute briefing with the media on Monday, Prime Minister Perry Christie also expressed serious concern over the number of persons who are arrested for crimes while out on bail.

It is a sad situation that’s found a number of Bahamians also calling on divine intervention.
Senior Pastor at Zion Baptist, T.G Morrison says the Bahamas is spiralling out of the control.

“We need to stop fooling ourselves and nip these things in the bud and I believe it begins with families, but we have to do a better job in rearing our child, those of us who are parents have to be serious about our responsibilities.” he said.

“Those of us who testify that we are Christians also need to live that life and not rest in our humanities.”

Many of those that spoke out says the bail part of the justice system plays a key role and an example needs to be made as well if the perpetrators are to be moved.

Bahamians maintain that the only way crime will be slowed or even stopped is if we all help one another.

The government has not yet revealed when the new crime measures will be implemented.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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