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Bahamians Call Junkanoo Carnival is a “Disgrace”

With The Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival just a few weeks away, some residents yesterday referred to the event as a “disgrace” which they believe is contrary to the country’s Christian beliefs.

“For a Christian nation, it shouldn’t have even been brought here,” said Atilia Ingraham.

“They should’ve gotten Bahamians together to see if we would even approve before bringing it to The Bahamas,” she added.
Due to the upcoming Junkanoo Carnival, there has been an increase in Soca-theme parties throughout New Providence. Soca music is also taking over the Bahamian airwaves.

According to residents, the government should be concerned about the negative effects the carnival influence will have on Bahamian culture.

“I have participated in Junkanoo for the past 10 years and I think that it’s a disrespect that the government of the Bahamas should have let the Junkanooers know what was going on first before they bring it to the table,” said Kirkland Neely.

“How could you diss Junkanoo for Carnival? It’s not our culture,” he added.

Another resident said, “When you go to Trinidad and Tobago you don’t hear them playing Bahamian music because it’s not a part of their culture.”

The government has reported spending some $9 million on the event, however some members of the public feel the event is a huge waste of money.

Some residents have even called on the government to shift its focus to more serious issues in the country instead of introducing another street parade.

“They should’ve given the $9 million to the Junkanoo groups. Let them build costumes to pull this carnival thing off rather than bringing people from all over the world to do this,” Neely said.

Petra Adderley said, “I think the money should have been split up between the different government agencies especially social services because this VAT thing is a strain on Bahamians with jobs, so imagine persons without a job.”

“I know some people who have to go around and ask people for food and the government has money to waste on carnival. That doesn’t make any sense,” she added.

Last week the Carnival Commission announced the lineup of performers for the upcoming event which includes both local and visiting entertainers.

Despite widespread criticism, the government is still pushing its Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival agenda, which set for the first week in May.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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