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BAC Lauds Government’s Crime Focus

Local anti-crime organisation Bahamas Against Crime (BAC) is commending the government for “putting the right focus on the problem of crime.”

After years of lobbying for the government to reengage retired senior police officers, BAC said yesterday that it is happy the new Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Government has considered its recommendation, which organisers feel will bolster manpower, skills and the experience of the force.

“This will better enable the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) to address the country’s rapidly increasing crime problem,” BAC Executive Director Reverend C.B. Moss said yesterday.

Rev. Moss said when BAC was launched in 2007, the main objective was to warn the nation of the scope and intensity of the crimewave that was descending on The Bahamas.

And while this objective has now been achieved, Rev. Moss said BAC is nevertheless sad and disappointed that it took so long to get to this point.

Meanwhile, he said, during the last five years, tens of thousands of Bahamians were victims of serious crimes, which shattered lives, families, communities and is now undermining the country’s progress.

Much of the blame for this, he said, must be laid squarely at the feet of all the major stakeholders, both in the public and private sectors.

“In the face of this intolerable situation, BAC is again calling for swift and focused action in all areas if the nation is to be spared further suffering and grief. It is imperative therefore that all sectors of the society step up to the plate now,” Rev. Moss said.

In the meantime, Rev. Moss said, BAC will intensify its efforts to mobilise Bahamians to focus on the battle against crime with more urgency and resolve.

Bahamians, he said, should not be lured into complacency because no murders have been officially recorded in the last week.

He said even with the best effort it is going to be a long while before a tolerable level of crime will be reached.

BAC now plans to expand and strengthen existing programs as well as introduce new initiatives, which organisers believe is especially critical for youths who, although at the centre of the crime problem both as perpetrators and as victims, they are not actively engaged in the crime fight.

Accordingly, BAC has planned a Youth Assembly for next Tuesday at Holy Cross Centre, Highbury Park. Rev. Moss said the purpose is to formulate specific plans for the anti-crime youth initiative.

In the interim, neighbourhood rallies are being planned for Englerston, Nassau Village and Kemp Road. BAC has already held neighbourhood rallies in Montell Heights, Milton Street, Hay Street and Bain Town.

And with violent crime fast spreading to the Family Islands, plans are also in the works to include several islands in BAC’s preventative and containment programme.

BAC previously launched initiatives in North Abaco and North Andros.

Written by Jones Bahamas

One Response to “BAC Lauds Government’s Crime Focus”

  1. K. Smith says:

    Total rubbish. Bringing back retired officers into the police force will only clog up the rank structure. It also demoralizes the already hard working officers. These retired officers are not going to be out on the streets fighting crime but rather inside offices doing whatever. More braves are needed not chiefs. The whole thing seems politically motivated because of the players involved. This move also presents a strain on the economy because these men now receive a salary along with their pensions. Double dipping. Just doesn’t make sense to try and defend it.


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