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Atlanta Consul Returns to Duty

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Consul General to Atlanta Randy Rolle returned to his duty yesterday following a period of intensive review, reflection and consultations.

Last month, Rolle was recalled as a result of his recent arrest in Bimini and yesterday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed that the matter was thoroughly investigated and the appropriate authorities both at home and abroad were consulted.

Following the matter, Rolle made an apology and expressed his regret for his actions in Bimini.

Therefore, with a full understanding of the way forward, the ministry assured that Rolle will return to his duty as consul general to Atlanta.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are no outstanding issues with the authorities who were consulted and during the investigation a review of all the procedures relating to the heads of missions and the standards of conduct expected of them were reviewed.

Rolle was arrested following an altercation with local law enforcement officers in Bimini.

He was released following his arrest, but reports claimed that Rolle called the prime minister while he was in police custody which led to his release.

However, Rolle has since denied calling the prime minister while in police custody.

“At no time did I ever call or speak to the prime minister during the time of the events,” Rolle said. “The matter was resolved without recourse to any politician. I was released without charge and there the matter ended.”

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