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Archer’s Sister Accused Of Lying

A defence attorney on Tuesday accused a witness of lying in court for her sister yesterday as she testified in the Kohfe Goodman murder trial. He also blamed her for causing a man to get arrested.

Goodman is accused of murdering 11-year-old Marco Archer in 2011.

Geoffrey Farquharson sought to poke holes in Tanzia Humes’ testimony. She is Marco’s sister.

Mrs. Humes spent most of the morning explaining what transpired the day her family discovered her brother had mysteriously vanished.

The witness told the court that it was the night of September 23, 2011 that she found out Marco was missing.

She explained that she and her mother visited her sister, Valkeisha Archer’s Claridge Rod apartment looking for little Marco, but didn’t find him.

They then left the home and returned to the Brougham Street area where Marco and his mom lived and started searching the area.

That search later extended to Peter and Fowler Streets.

She testified that they even visited a basketball court the pre-teen frequented and quizzed area residents about Marco’s whereabouts.

After they didn’t find him they went to the Southern Police Station to report him missing.

After leaving the station, Mrs. Humes said they returned to the Brougham Street area and that’s when a neighbour, identified only as Terrence, gave them some information, which they later relayed to police.

She noted that the tipster, who was travelling with them, remained in the car as she and family members were talking to police, as he didn’t want to get involved.

That information led them to a home occupied by a man identified only as “John.”

Mrs. Humes said she searched around John’s home, calling out Marco’s name in the process. However, she said she didn’t find him.

The following morning she returned to police.

Mr. Farquharson suggested that she caused John to be arrested, but Mrs. Humes told the court that it was Terrence who pointed John out to police.

While she said she didn’t witness police arresting John, she admitted that she told Central Detective Unit (CDU) officers that she had heard he was taken into custody.

The witness said a Rasta lady then told her some information about a man identified as “Mr. Bell”, which she relayed to police.

She admitted that she went to Mr. Bell’s home and showed him Marco’s photos. She also said she told police the information she had received about the man.

Mrs. Humes testified to seeing police search Mr. Bell’s home and noted that she did not see signs that Marco had ever been there.

In her lengthy testimony, she also told the court that she received information about her mom’s landlord and went to the school where he works.

She again passed that information on to police.

In her signed police report, Mrs. Humes told police that her sister, Valkeisha said Marco never came to her house and she didn’t see him.

It was at this point that Mr. Farquharson highlighted several discrepancies that contradicted her sister’s previous testimony.

On Monday, Valkeisha took the witness stand and testified that she last saw her brother alive around 4:30 p.m. on September 23.

Mrs. Humes then said she never personally spoke to her sister, but rather relayed information to the police that her mother told her.

The attorney then suggested Mrs. Humes was lying for her sister.

But, Mrs. Humes noted the report was missing a word. She said she told police that her sister said, “Marco didn’t come back here”, rather than “Marco didn’t come here.”

During cross-examination, Mr. Farquharson alerted the court to the fact that Valkeisha was sitting in the court during her sister’s testimony.

He also accused her of interfering with the defendant, something he says he intends to bring to the police’s attention.

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