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Archdeacon Warns of Posting Crime Scenes to Social Media

Archdeacon James Palacious warned about the posting and sharing of gruesome crime scenes via social media.

Archdeacon Palacious was the guest on Love 97’s radio talk show Jones and Co. yesterday, where he spoke about the need to alleviate corruption and disorder in the Bahamian society and called for citizens to show more responsibility and sincerity when it comes to modern day devices.

“We need to use technology for the benefit for this country and ourselves,” he said.

“If we can have people at murder scenes and they’re posting pictures and videos of it and the world sees within five minutes even before family members of the victim, then there must be some way that that technological advancement can be turned for good. We need to use it for the benefit, for the amelioration and the remedy of the criminal element.”

Archdeacon Palacious spoke on breaking laws and corruptions in the public work force. He called for a greater cross-referencing between government ministries to better enforce local laws.

“If you owe a certain government department there are some things you shouldn’t do and access to certain goods and services you shouldn’t have,” he said.

“You should go down to the license authority, pull up your names and rectify that. When you do that, people can only run so far. The more legitimate workers carry on, the less people have to say about you. It’s another way of enforcing some of our laws regardless of what they are, following procedures and rules!”

The archdeacon called for citizens to be more considerate, caring and law abiding for the betterment of the country.
He said if more people would follow the rules that are set in stone, there would be less issues within the Bahamian society.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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