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Another Oil Spill For Clifton

International consultants are expected to arrive in the capitol today to begin assessments and the investigation into an oil spill that occurred over the weekend in waters off south western New Providence, Environment and Housing Minister Kenred Dorsett has confirmed.

Mr. Dorsett announced in a statement Saturday that the government was made aware of an oil spill in waters on the south west end of New Providence near Stuart’s Cove and Albany.

On Sunday, the minister and other government officials were on site to assess the extent of the spill and its impact.
Mr. Dorsett said the Ministry of Transport and Aviation, the Ministry of Environment and Housing, the Department of Environmental Health Services, the BEST Commission and all other relevant agencies were advised of this incident and dispatched.

International consultants, he said, were retained by the government to assist in investigating and confirming the source of the spill; assessing its impact; addressing the mitigation of the spill as well as advise on the preparation of an environmental management plan for the area and make remediation recommendations.

“The Clifton area has been plagued with oil spills for many for decades,” Mr. Dorsett said. “This government is resolved and committed to address this vexing problem.”

This is the second oil spill reported in waters in south western New Providence in less than a month.

Back in September a quantity of oil washed ashore on the beach at Adelaide prompting concern among residents in that community.

Sam Duncombe of the environmental organisation ReEarth and a resident of Adelaide Beach expressed concern about this ongoing problem and said that the impact of these oil spills poses significant danger to the quality of life for residents.

“In my opinion, the companies that operate off the south western portion of New Providence bringing in oil, gas or whatever it is ought to be highly vigilant in terms of being aware of what is happening and dealing with any problems that may arise,” she said. “They should be on top of it and we’re not feeling it.”

The source of that spill has still not been identified.

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