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Another FNM Call for Gray to Go

Free National Movement supporters joined their leader Dr. Hubert Minnis yesterday during a protest in Rawson Square, where they reiterated their calls for the resignation of Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources V. Alfred Gray.

Dr. Minnis and his team, who were under heavy police supervision in front of the House of Assembly, said the demonstration is just another stand for democracy in the country.

“There’s only justice for the PLPs and Gray must go!” he said, just before the crowd chimed in with the chant “Gray must go!”

According to Dr. Minnis, Mr. Gray called a member of the judiciary after decisions were made.

“In any court setting in a criminal case, if a member of the legal team speaks to a member of the jury or the public speaks to a member of the jury that case is labeled as a mistrial,” Dr. Minnis said.

“Why in this country a member of Cabinet can call a magistrate and yet he is not dismissed? We will not stand for that,” he added.

Dr. Minnis, who referred to Mr. Gray’s actions as “inappropriate,” said the ordeal sends a bad message to the world about The Bahamas.

He said he and his supporters will continue to agitate for transparency.

“Business investors will think twice of coming into this country knowing that there is no justice. How can they feel safe when a member of Cabinet can call a magistrate and nothing happened, but I place this blame at the feet of the prime minister,” said Dr. Minnis.

“We will continue to stand up because our brothers and sisters who live in the inner city because they do not know Alfred Gray, they are sent to jail. But when you know Alfred Gray or you know Perry Christie or you’re a member of the PLP you are exonerated. We will not tolerate that,” Dr. Minnis stated.

FNM supporter Mary Davis and others also called for the removal of Prime Minister Christie.

She claims the Christie administration has made a mess of the country that the Bahamian people must clean up.

“Right now the country is in a bad state and we have to clean it up. We used to have the rich, the middle class, and the poor. We have to now, the rich and the poor. And the poor gets poorer,” Mrs. Davis said.

“He brought this country down to the ground. When you have a downfall down below, it comes right back to the top, so the PM has to go. He has to go!” she added.

This is not the first time the FNM has requested for Mr. Gray to resign. The FNM held a press conference nearly a month ago calling for Mr. Gray’s resignation over claims of interfering with a judicial matter in Mayaguana.

Though Mr. Gray was relieved of his portfolio as minister of local government, he remains as minister of agriculture and marine resources and a member of parliament.

The FNM’s last course of action took place in the House of Assembly when members of the opposition repeatedly disrupted Mr. Gray’s contribution which ultimately led to a brief suspension of the house.

Mr. Gray’s matter is still under investigation.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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