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Alleged Rapists In Custody


Two men who were wanted for rape, armed robbery and burglary in eastern and western and eastern New Providence are in police custody.

Police had previously released bulletins of 28-year-old Donnavon Sturrup aka ‘Tinman’ of Union Village and 32-year-old Enoch Eulin aka ‘Pumpkin’ of Excellence Estates in connection with the incidents.

However, the wanted bulletins were discontinued after the pair was taken into custody Tuesday evening.

Many Bahamians have expressed serious fears following reports of a number of rapes occurring during home invasions.

“We have some people in custody and we will see where that will lead us, but we’re not groping in the dark,” Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade said yesterday during a news conference.

Although he would not divulge any other information surrounding the cases as investigations are still ongoing, the commissioner did say that he is very satisfied with the work investigators, scientists and others involved are doing.

In the last six months a number of women have been raped during home invasions.

While police have gotten a lot of flak for not reporting the matters, Commissioner Greenslade insists that divulging such information too early could hurt ongoing investigations.

“There are some things that we just don’t broadcast at the wrong time. Remember that we are trying to detect and arrest the perpetrators. Why would I give them the information to allow them to be even more elusive,” he said.

Furthermore, he said police are trying to protect the interests of those involved.

“You have to also understand that on the other side of this discussion are innocent victims and their families whose identities must be protected, whose location must be protected and who I do not wish to be repeat victims as a result of negligence on my part or my organisation as a result of saying too much,” he said.

But, despite what has happened recently, the commissioner said overall rape figures are down in The Bahamas.

“I have directed that we break the mould and we do some things a bit differently in terms of our speed of operations and we’re certainly looking at correlation data and many other unique things to determine precisely what we have and who we are looking at,” he said.

While he noted that overall crime figures are also down, the only two categories that have seen a spike are murders and armed robberies.

Police officials are meantime cautioning the public to exercise due diligence and care and be more alert of their surroundings.

They are also appealing to anyone who may have any vital information in connection with any of the incidents to come forward.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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