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Advisory Board Seeks Public feedback on NP Local Government Implementation

The Local Government National Advisory Council (NAC)  has mounted  an extensive campaign to gauge widespread public opinion for the implementation of a local government structure in New Providence. Since its formation back in April of this year, the body, led by Chairman Senator Ranard Henfield has worked to engage Bahamians at various levels; from the public, media, the local business community, NGO’s and stakeholders already working as Local Government practitioners.

As the NAC works toward the creation of a solid legislative framework and the 2020 implementation of Local Governance in the capital, they are seeking even more engagement from Bahamians in hopes of fielding viable suggestions that would make the final legislation most effective.

Last week, members of the team began the first in a series of radio appearances to engage the public on the way forward, share some of their research and considerations along with revealing its short to long term goals for implementation.

“Members of this NAC have been very dedicated to this work” said NAC Chairman Ranard Henfield the entire team has worked quickly and brought their varying degrees of expertise to the initiative to ensure that all aspects of this process are managed properly”.

The  public media campaign follows last week’s stakeholder meetings with local government practitioners from Eleuthera, Abaco and other islands who have lent their voices to the process, highlighting challenges and successes experienced in the family system.

Up first on the NAC media tour was a visit to Guardian Radio Show “Connected” with host Lester Cox, a well-known proponent of city, and local governance. Cox facilitated an enthusiastic discussion on the committee’s proposed plans which include among other things, ensuring that all local government practitioners in New Providence live within the districts and communities they wish to represent.

“The problem is people who run for these areas have no idea what the issues are in those communities because they don’t live there,” expressed one caller. “How can you help a community if you don’t even know what’s going on there” he noted.

The NAC team then moved on to “Issues of the Day” with host Wendell Jones who, with the help of his listeners, challenged the committee on similar issues as well as the issue of  true autonomy.

Another major concern expressed is the need for true autonomy. “Is this going to be real local government, with autonomy and transparency?” asked one caller.

As a means of filtering and answering these kinds of questions, the NAC has also facilitated the creation of a Facebook page where citizens can send their questions, concerns or reservations to be reviewed @locgov242. Persons can also send in emails to and are asked to send in their concerns, ideas or more.

“ We realize we can’t speak to everyone” said Brenda Bullard-Colebrooke, Acting Director of the Ministry of Local Government. “But we want to engage as many as we can so that Bahamians can be heard, before we launch our New Providence system.”

The team will resume their media campaign on Monday with an appearance on Darold Miller Live on the ZNS Broadcasting Network.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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