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Activist Opposes Gender Bills

Clergyman and Activist Reverend C.B. Moss said yesterday that he is voting no to all of the constitutional referendum four questions and urging all Bahamians to do the same.

In a press statement Rev. Moss said he rejects the Gender Equality Bills.

“From all that I have read and heard the Bills fall into two categories bills one to three are citizenship matters and bill number four is about sex,” he said.

“Citizenship is greatest gift that a country can bestow upon an individual and it must not be awarded casually. Citizenship must be strongly desired by the applicant, and well deserved, based upon loyalty, commitment and contribution to The Bahamas.”

Reverend Moss emphasized that he does not support a constitutional entitlement to citizenship through marriage and he also opposed dual citizenship.

“The subject of Bahamian citizenship, who should get it and under what conditions should be a topic of national discussion, including the thousands of persons born in The Bahamas since 1973 to non-Bahamians,” the statement said.

When it comes to the controversial Bill Number four, which asks the question of discrimination based on sex, Reverend Moss said he is also opposed to the bill.

Many Bahamians who are opposed to Bill number four said the Bill opens the door to same sex marriage.

“From all that I have read and all that I have heard there is no doubt in my mind that the passage of Bill four will provide the basis for a successful legal challenge to the current marriage law,” Reverend Moss said.

The civil activist said the government is forcing the “Yes” message to the near exclusion of the “No” vote supporters.

“Public funding should have been made available to those opposed to the government’s position as well as supporters of the yes position,” Reverend Moss added.




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