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44% Of Cable Services Restored In NP

Cable Bahamas Vice President of Marketing David Burrows yesterday said his company is doing all in its power to fully restore services throughout the country after the devastation of Hurricane Matthew; noting that as of yesterday, 44 percent of the network is up in New Providence.


There are many residents throughout the capital who are longing for a sense of normalcy in the aftermath of the hurricane; and being able to use cable television, the internet and phones are a part of that equation.


Many residents throughout the country receive up to triple service from Cable Bahamas in the form of television, internet and phone services.


Mr. Burrows explained that although 44 percent of the network is restored, that does not equate to the same percentage of customers receiving services.


“If you are in a neighbourhood that has power, and the power comes up, your services should come up; unless of course something is damaged directly to your home or to that particular neighbourhood. So it could be a tree that fell on a line and knocked it down,” said Mr. Burrows.


“It’s very important that either through our Facebook page or to our emails or through calling us and leaving us a message of what your situation is. The most important thing is that once the network comes up and you are not seeing our services, it’s important for you to contact us. Once it’s up to us, we see it up,” he added.


With the northwest Bahamas being the hardest hit area by the storm, islands such as

Grand Bahama, Andros and the Berry Islands, have not had power restored for the most part.

Mr. Burrows explained that attempts to restore cable services within those islands cannot be made until the company has gotten an all clear from the power company.


“Grand Bahama was hit pretty hard. There’s no power except for one area in my understanding. So it’s not until they can get the poles up and so forth can we make a move. We are working along with Grand Bahama Power. Once they let us know that areas are up, we’re going in.” Mr. Burrows said.


“It’s the same thing with Andros. We’re still waiting to hear from The Berry Islands.”


Mr. Burrows noted that islands in other parts of The Bahamas for the most part are up and running in terms of cable services.


“Anywhere where there was continuous power, the services never went down,” he said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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