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BBA Conference Room Named In Kelly’s Honour

The Bahamas Bar Association (BBA) on Wednesday named its new building’s conference centre room after one of its longest serving members, Godfrey K. Kelly, CMG.

A small ceremony was held at the Bar complex where Mr. Kelly and his wife, along with close friends and family, attended the official unveiling of the plaque which will now sit in the conference centre.

BBA President Ruth Bowe-Darville made the announcement.

“The greatest thing about this room is the view and we are very proud of this room and also of the acquisition of this property off Mackey Street,” she said.

“I have an internal debt of gratitude for Mr. Kelly with the acquisition of this building as well. I first got to know Mr. Kelly around 1981 when I was brave enough to leave the Department of Archives and went to article with J. Henry Bostwick. One thing I can remember about my law student days was that whatever the law students sponsored Mr. Kelly was always present and I can tell you that we always admired his green jackets and plaid outfits. We always could count on him.”

Mrs. Bowe-Darville said students were always grateful to have Mr. Kelly around.

“I trust that none of us have disappointed you and I think the Bar is forever grateful of the time and service you gave as a lecturer . . . and so, as a supreme expression of our gratitude to you the council of the Bar Association has determined that this conference room should be named in your honour,” she said.

Attorney General Allyson Maynard-Gibson, who was also in attendance at the ceremony, shared similar views.

“Thank you very much for all that you have done to make this possible,” she told Mr. Kelly.

“This is a historic day for the Bar. It is good that we can solidify the acquisition of this asset with the naming of this conference centre. You always gave intellect and had a desire to build a strong Bar and today you are still giving to ensure that we have a strong Bar and a strong democracy. I really want to say in so many meaningful ways, you have given to the Bar and our country and we thank you for it.”

Mr. Kelly told those gathered that he was honoured and grateful to have the Bar recognise him.

“I’m honoured and happy about this,” he told The Bahama Journal.
“I’m happy as well that I was able to contribute to the cost of this very fine administrative centre which is being used. We have over 1,000 students. In my day there were only 30 of us but necessity is the mull of invention so this had to happen. There is quite a mortgage on the property and if we could get all the members to pay their dues then it would be very easy to pay off the mortgage and that is my wish.”

The Bar officially opened its new office on April 19.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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