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19 year old female killed over cell Phone

A 19 year old female last Friday was stabbed multiple times on Key West Street and succumbed to her injuries while in hospital.

A day after Breanna Mackey’s 19th Birthday, while on her way to a friend’s house to give her piece of her birthday cake, she was approached by a vehicle with two males and four females. The females reportedly exited the car and started chasing her.

As Mackey tried to run from the females, she tripped and fell to the ground. The four women then ganged her and together allegedly stabbed her multiple times before fleeing on foot.

The Bahama Journal spoke to her family about what transpired. Her mother, Hattiemae Mackey said, “these girls used to be her friends and now they became her enemy. Breanna and these girls were out partying one evening and she (Breanna) said the owner of the cell phone told her to go in her bag and get the phone.”

According to Ms. Mackey, Breanna told her as she was passing the phone to her friend, the phone dropped. Ms. Mackey told the Journal that Breanna indicated to her that the phone already had a crack on it prior to it dropping as she was passing the phone.

Ms. Mackey continued, “the girl came round here to me and she said Breanna had to pay her for her phone; but Breanna didn’t have any money.

“She wanted one hundred dollars from Breanna. Well, a few times the four girls came round here and me and my daughter told them do not come back around here because this yard I live in is a policed yard.

“She said she was going to carry a piece of cake for her friend from her birthday and that’s when the girls slide up on her on Key West Street and joked her. My oldest daughter told her to run.

“When she ran, she fell and the girls attacked her. My daughter said when she looked back, she saw Breanna on the ground and they were joking, kicking and stomping her.

“I just want justice for my daughter,” Ms. Mackey expressed.

Ms. Mackey, a mother of thirteen children, Breanna was the third child to be murdered.

Latisha Woodside, Breanna’s older sister who witnessed the horrific scene and held Breanna in her arms as blood seeped out her stab wounds, shared with The Bahama Journal her account of that day.
In tears, Ms. Woodside shared Breanna’s last words.

“When I went on the scene to my sister, her eyes were rolled back and I saw white. I slapped her up and told her get up. She breathed and she said, ‘Tisha, that’s you?’

“I said, yeah, this me. So she said, Tisha, you love me? I said, yes, Breanna, I love you. She asked, Brenae, where Brenae? I want to see my daughter. Then she start asking, where’s Mommy?

“She said, Tisha, I am going to die; Lord, I am going to die. I (Latisha) said, ‘Breanna you are not going to die.’ My sister keep blacking out, I had to keep waking her up.

“My sister is gone now. She told me they (the four girls) killed her. I miss my sister. This is over a stupid phone; they killed my sister over a phone.” Ms. Woodside told The Journal as she mourned the loss of her younger sister.

According to her family, Breanna was an outgoing woman who loved to party and was considered the life of the party everywhere she went.

Breanna was apparently close with these girls and she never had any altercations or arguments with the four girls.

Ms. Mackey said, if they just needed the one hundred dollars, I could’ve given it to them; they didn’t need to kill my daughter over a cell phone valued at one hundred dollars.

Police has since taken seven people into custody; five females and two males. Mackey’s death made the ninth murder of the year thus far.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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