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127 Former Baha Mar Workers Not Paid

Over 1,200 former Baha Mar employees received their long awaited payouts, but not all persons who were expected to receive their money were paid.

About 127 persons, who were a part of the resort’s leadership development program and hired by or through the Hobby Horse Company, apparently have been left out in the cold and are now looking for answers.

Keishel Burrell, the former working supervisor for HHCO, described what happened when persons went to pick up their cheques.

“We initially went there assuming we were going to be paid with the rest of Baha Mar employees according to our attorney and we went there and gave them our identifications but nothing.

“We were directed to another section where we told to write our names on a blank piece of paper and that they would contact us,” Ms. Burrell said.

Ms. Burrell added that up to this point, they have been treated like Baha Mar employees, even receiving cheques from the government after they were made redundant.

She said the workers are now disappointed with the current situation.

“We feel very disappointed due to the fact that we spent so much time with Baha Mar and we are not being treated as former Baha Mar employees. We were trained for our positions to work directly under the Baha Mar management team, so it’s shocking now to find out that we’re not employees,” Ms. Burrell said.

Baha Mar Claims Committee Chairman James Smith earlier this week said his committee has devoted a considerable amount of time and effort working toward a conclusion on how to handle this set of employees.

Mr. Smith said the company operated as a hiring and training agency for the $3.5 billion property, where potential employees would enlist to improve their skills and once completed, became eligible for a post at the resort.

He added that these are the persons who want to get something out of this situation.


They are holding firm to the claim that they were employees, but there isn’t any data that supports that, Mr. Smith said.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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