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Prison Guard Corruption Concerns Butler

In the face of what has become a disturbing trend of corrupt prison officers, Prison Staff Association President Anthony Butler is calling for stiffer policies and procedures throughout their system in an effort to stamp out corruption.

For the third time in recent weeks a prison guard has been caught with drugs.

The most recent incident reported by police involved a 25-year-old corrections officer who was found in possession of illegal drugs on Monday night.

Police reports indicate that they searched the officer, who had just arrived for duty and found him with a quantity of marijuana.

The officer was taken into custody.

A further search of his Pastel Gardens home revealed even more drugs.

This latest incident prompted the Prison Staff Association President to call for improvements within the system.

His sentiments came during an interview yesterday with The Bahama Journal.

“Within all correctional facilities you have problems with trafficking. This is nothing different from other international organizations,” Mr. Butler insisted.

“Once there is demand, you will find persons who will try those practices.

“First and foremost, the association does not condone any type of illegal practices. The association is here basically for the welfare of officers to help them to move away or prevent them from partaking in such activities.

“We look out for the welfare of officers for the betterment of the organization.”

Last week, a 45-year-old prison guard, Logan Smith, was arrested, arraigned and jailed on drug possession charges.

This aside from those arrested last year namely Earl Dean and Ashton Bullard who were both charged with possession of dangerous drugs.

Officer Butler said he is particularly concerned about the damning effect this may have on the overall perception of corrections officers, who for the most part he said are honest, hard -working individuals.

Last month, Mr. Butler in an interview with The Bahama Journal expressed concern that some corrections officers have not received promised promotions.

He noted that the previous government had assured that promotions would be awarded.

According to Mr. Butler, the last such exercise took place two years ago in which only 90 out of 140 expected correctional officers were promoted.

At the time, Mr. Butler also alluded to the “poor” conditions under which the officers are “forced” to work.

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