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PM Urges Bahamians to Prepare

Hubert Minnis

Hubert MinnisPrime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis warned Bahamians to prepare for the potentially catastrophic Hurricane Maria that is expected to hit the same southern islands that the category five Hurricane Irma impacted less than two weeks ago.

In a national address last night, Dr. Minnis called for residents to prepare for the storm despite the fact that most of The Bahamas was spared the devastation of Hurricane Irma and despite the level of complaints that came as a result of many Bahamian residents not having been impacted.

Dr. Minnis suggested that those who complained about not experiencing the wrath of Irma despite making preparations should visit the islands most impacted.

“Let me remind these individuals of the devastation caused by Irma. Those who are inclined to complain should visit Ragged Island and other areas destroyed by Hurricane Irma,” Dr. Minnis said.

“I believe they will come away with a sense of gratitude and a better understanding of the need for precaution and to be prepared.

“A heart filled with gratitude has no place for complaining.”

Dr. Minnis stated that it would be careless of his administration if they failed to warn the populace.

“The government of The Bahamas would be negligent if it did not warn in advance and in a timely manner of the threat of hurricanes to our archipelago, including potentially catastrophic super storms,” Dr. Minnis said.


“One of the primary responsibilities of a government is the safety and security of citizens and residents.”


With that, he urged Bahamians to closely monitor Hurricane Maria and particularly specified what can be done to prepare for the potential impact of the storm.

“Fellow citizens and residents, being vigilant includes monitoring the location of Hurricane Maria by listening to updates through radio, television and/or through reliable social media,” Dr. Minnis said.


“Bahamians and residents throughout the country need to monitor the location and proximity of Maria to the island or cay on which they live.


“Maritime traffic, fishermen and boaters should also carefully monitor the track of Hurricane Maria.


“We should all be prepared to secure our homes and businesses if necessary.


“As the hurricane season continues, I advise Bahamians and residents to keep shutters in a convenient place; ensure that important documents are in a secure place, and properly packaged, in the event you are required to move quickly; and to keep an overnight bag with clothing and toiletries in the event an evacuation order is issued.


“I also advise that you continue to trim trees and remove all debris which may become a hazard due to heavy winds. Those living in coastal areas should be prepared to relocate and take extra pre-cautionary measures.”


He also stated that government agencies will remain on high alert, particularly those that have the more important job of keeping Bahamians informed and safe before and after the storm.


“All agencies of The Bahamas government remain on alert, including the Met Office, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), other government departments, and public and private utility providers,” Dr. Minnis stated.


“I have instructed the Ministry of Works to ensure that as many drains as possible are cleared in New Providence.


“The government is prepared to activate other emergency protocols depending on the track of Hurricane Maria. It is best to proceed with an abundance of caution and due diligence.


“Preparations include ensuring that emergency communication networks, including with all Family Islands, are tested and ready for use.”


Understanding the trauma and anxiety that can come with the thought of another major storm, Dr. Minnis urged Bahamians to pray for patience and to continue regular living and to avoid stress.


“There is a natural and understandable weariness as we all monitor the track of various storms, which seem to just keep coming one after the next,” Dr. Minnis said.


“But amidst the anxiety and weariness, let us continue to pray for patience and to be people of goodwill. Continue to go about your daily routines and try to find healthy ways of relieving stress.


“Let us try to be patient with each other in the spirit of understanding, generosity and community.”




Written by Jones Bahamas

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