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Minnis: Christie Is Mixed Up

Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis while calling Prime Minister Perry Christie “delusional and mixed up” charged that it is too late for the Christie administration “to say sorry for the financial and social “crisis” the country is in.

Dr. Minnis lamented that the prime minister has “nothing left to give to The Bahamas,” adding that “his magic is lost”.

The FNM leader’s sentiments came during his party’s candidate launch in eastern New Providence last night.

“It’s too late to say sorry for wasting millions upon millions of VAT money. We still don’t know where the VAT money gone! It’s too late for the PLP to say sorry about the absolute mess they made at BAMSI. The FNM will fix BAMSI and get it right. It’s too late for the PLP to say sorry for the corruption at Urban Renewal, and the scandals at the Bank of The Bahamas. It’s too late to say sorry for going against the results of the gambling referendum,” Dr. Minnis said.

“It’s too late for the PLP to say sorry for spying on Bahamians through the National Intelligence Agency. Don’t forget how Jerome Fitzgerald obtained and then illegally read people’s private emails in the House of Assembly,” he said.

“And, of course, it is way too late for the PLP to say sorry about the dump fire. Just like the PLP exposed Bahamians to danger and potential health problems with the Rubis oil leak – they let the situation at the dump get way out of control,” he continued.

“It’s too late for them to say sorry about 600 murders on their watch, and the worse crime record ever in The Bahamas. It’s too late to say sorry to the thousands of Bahamians who lost their jobs,” Dr. Minnis said.

He insisted that if Mr. Christie were to be re-elected as prime minister, the status quo would remain.

“There will be high crime; there will be a high unemployment rate; there will be incoherence coming out of the Office of the Prime Minister,” Dr. Minnis insisted.

Meanwhile, based on the premise that being a prime minister requires “many traits”, and suggesting that Mr. Christie lacks this, Dr. Minnis charged that he would be the ideal leader.

“As prime minister, I will bring a strong ethic of hard work. My government will boldly and resolutely embark on a new era of reform and modernization for a 21st Century Bahamas. Unlike Christie, I will be fully in charge of my Cabinet. I will bring direction and focus, qualities Christie sorely lacks. I will bring discipline to government – something Christie is incapable of doing. I will not run a late-again government. Unlike Christie, my administration will be decisive,” he said.

The FNM leader told the crowd that in contrast to Mr. Christie, he would be “in charge” of his government if elected as prime minister.

“My ministers and colleagues will be held to high standards, no matter what their last name is, who their daddy was, or how much money they have,” Dr. Minnis said.

“The Cabinet Office may be located on Bay Street, but the heart and soul of my government will reside with the Bahamian people. The poor and disadvantaged will be front and center in a Hubert Minnis administration,” he added.

Additionally, Dr. Minnis pointed out the differences in personalities between himself and Mr. Christie.

“I am not by nature a loud man like Christie. But I am a man of great resolve and great determination, with the energy and strength to lead the FNM in rescuing and restoring our Bahamas,” he said.

Last night’s launch was to promote Fox Hill Candidate Shonel Ferguson, Duane Sands for Elizabeth, Brent Symonette for St. Anne’s. Elsworth Johnson for Yamacraw and Lanisha Rolle for Sea Breeze.





Written by Jones Bahamas

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