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Improvements For Downtown Traffic Flow

Plans are in the pipeline to improve the flow of traffic in downtown New Providence,   according to Minister of Transport, Frankie Campbell.

To make commuting downtown Nassau more convenient and in conjunction with the Downtown Nassau Partnership, Mr. Campbell revealed that a proper bus depot will be made for bus drivers, taxi operators and passengers attempting to gain access to the downtown area.

“The government of The Bahamas is concerned about ensuring that things move more smoothly, that downtown is more accessible, that downtown becomes more user friendly.

“ Downtown should  become a beehive of activity first and foremost for us who live here in New Providence and then the tourist will come and enjoy for a few hours what it is that we enjoy every day,” Mr. Campbell said.

With buses being the major cause for traffic congestion in the downtown area  and Prince George Wharf,  a terminal for taxi operators, Mr. Campbell revealed that a terminal will be erected at the old Kelly’s Shipyard.

“Immediately East, South and West of the downtown area, buses [will go] to a terminal of sorts, where buses will have the opportunity to come in and drop off their passengers, those passengers will then be provided with free transportation to the downtown area.

“This will then alleviate the congestion that is cause by all of the buses trying to find a spot downtown.

“You go to Frederick Street, there is congestion. You go to the area in front of Government Publications, there is congestion. You go to the area just in front of the Hilton,  there is congestion.

“With the participation Mr. Wallace and the Prince George Association of Cab Drivers, it took some very passionate discussions,  but it’s one thing when you are frank and forthright and when you can convey a certain degree of sincerity. Public service drivers are an integral part of the development of the downtown,” Mr. Campbell said.

“The plan is to alleviate that congestion, by having a terminal for those buses to go to, and by providing free transportation from the terminal to the downtown area,” he said.

Mr. Campbell also pointed to the fact that the new terminal structure will also assist those who work in the downtown area and find parking a difficult process.

“That will also facilitate persons who work in the downtown area, who has this issue of parking.

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