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Education Launches New Math Book

Public and independent primary schools across the country will soon see a new series of Mathematic textbooks added to their curriculum.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology will undertake this initiative as they partner with Hodder Education in producing a new primary Mathematics textbook series.

The textbook titled the Bahamas Primary Mathematics Book will see an integration of culture that is critical to the learning experience, according to Minister of Education, Jerome Fitzgerald.

“Ensuring that as we go about educating and teaching our young people that there must be relevance – there must be a connection between what we teach them, what they learn, and what our country represents.

“That’s why to me this book launch, this series is so critical for us,” Mr. Fitzgerald stated.

Tailor made just for The Bahamas, incorporating a taste of Bahamian culture is geared toward making Mathematics easier for students to get through, while having a clear understanding of applications and concepts.

Mr. Fitzgerald noted that the launch of the new textbook is significant not only for him as the minister responsible for education, but also for the Ministry of Education and educators who have teamed up with Hodder Education, a United Kingdom based Publisher.

“Critical and important today is, not only for me but for all of us at the Ministry of Education. It speaks about the collaboration, it speaks about being culturally relevant, it speaks to the fact that the curriculum needs to be integrated.

“I look at the book, when you look at it, it integrates a lot of the other parts of the curriculum; not just Mathematics.

“As we moved around and looked at other educational systems over the past four to five years one of the things that really struck us was how the Ministry of Education, the teachers, the administrators got actively involved in ensuring that the material that was created was culturally relevant and they took ownership of it,” Mr. Fitzgerald said.

Noting the importance of the subject Mathematics, and with a background in finance, Mr. Fitzgerald further noted that the textbooks will help those that use it specifically in enhancing them for the future.

“Mathematics is my favorite subject, and at the end of the day it is critical and it probably is one of the reasons why you have seen from my perspective, I have had a very strong focus on the development of STEM education over the past four to five years.

“I understand the world economy, I understand what drives economies, and Mathematics and STEM is at the core. Critical thinking, being able to work together, being able to solve problems, but also being able to communicate your point of view is important,” Mr. Fitzgerald said.

Publisher of the new Mathematic textbook series Robert Sully noted that such partnerships are needed in order to achieve the best possible outcome for students.

“It has been an honor for us to work with you and with the local teachers, to develop the course that we are introducing today. Combine with your local expertise and with our international experience has ensured that we develop the course which meets international standards, but crucially is relevant to students within The Bahamas.

“And as we all know if Mathematics is to mean anything to people it has to be relevant to their everyday lives, and I think that is what we have achieved for this course,” Mr. Sully said.

The Bahamas Primary Mathematics Education Textbook series, according to Mrs. Serethea Clarke Deputy Director of Curriculum and Instruction at the Ministry of Education, began its journey in April 2013.


“After discussions among primary educators, communications with Hodder Education Publication were underway.


“By October 2014 a proposal was written for The Bahamas primary school Mathematics textbook series and towards the end of March 2015 persons were identified to serve on the writing team.


“The team which consisted of dedicated teachers from both independent and public schools and curriculum officers conducted observation of lessons and focus group sessions to preparing content.


“As the only primary Mathematics series published in association with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, we can confirm the books are culturally relevant they are aligned with the revised primary Mathematics curriculum, problem solving, critical thinking and mental strategies are encouraged throughout the textbook,” Mrs. Clarke said.


To date, the new Mathematics Textbook series has been completed for grades 1-3. Grades 4-6 will see completion before the beginning of the new school year.

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