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Double Homicide in Kemp Road

Grief and anger filled relatives and residents of White’s Addition yesterday morning as two men were shot to death and another seriously wounded.   

Police Superintendent Shanta Knowles told the Media,“what we got so far is that two vehicles were in this area and there was an exchange of words  between the occupants of  those two cars, resulting in the injuries and the deaths that we see here this morning. 

“Of course, I think you would understand and you can appreciate the fact that we are very early in this investigation and we are working to see what other information we can get that can assist us in identifying those persons in the two vehicles,” he said.

The wounded man is said to be in stable condition.

“We need your help, we need the help from the people in the community, we need the help of mothers, we are burying our young men and we need to find ways to encourage young people to resolve these conflicts without resorting to violence. 

“We need to find ways to encourage young men not to get in gang violence and criminal activities. I think that’s the message that we’re trying to get out and that’s the help we need in the community,” she said.    

Yesterday’s tragedy has also found police issuing this appeal to those using social media to create added fear and panic.

“We would want to encourage those who are using social media to be concerned, be professional, be aware of what they’re doing. 

“Do not spread information that is false; wait for the proper authorities to give the information because it is causing fear in our communities,” she said. 

Meantime, the Kemp Road homicides  heightened  concerns about safety and police presence in the area,  with some residents dismissing the argument for increased patrols and instead stressing the need for the police to simply do their job.

“Because of what happened last night,  they should have been present here, they shouldn’t have slept. They know about the shooting what happen around the corner and still didn’t do no justice around here,” a resident said.  

Residents also feel a lack of empathy from the police.

“If it wasn’t people from Kemp Road, I bet if it was someone else they were coming through Kemp Road knocking down everyone door come for innocent people around here,” she said. 

Kemp Road residents are calling for justice.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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