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Despite having a strike certificate in hand, Water and Sewerage union presidents yesterday said that they are actually looking forward to a speedy resolution to the three outstanding matters behind the ongoing friction. 

These include the failure of the Corporation  to adhere to the promotional procedures and two unorthodox promotional listings; WSC’s failure to post an organizational chart indicating which positions within the company are filled and those that are vacant, and the breech of Article 1301.

Bahamas Utilities and Allied Workers Union (BUSAWU) President Dwayne Woods told reporters outside of WSC’s University Drive location that likelihood of the unions exercising their right to strike is up to the corporation. 

He said, “we are here extending the olive branch, although they may say we are disingenuous; we want them to know that we are extending the olive branch from the depths of our heart, but we have problems.

“You can’t expect us to extend the olive branch today, and then you create another bone of contention tomorrow;  then make it look like the union is the villain. We want a resolution for both unions.

“That’s why we stand in solidarity. So, we’re saying to solve the issues of both unions so that we don’t have to use the certificate.”, he said. 

When asked if there’s a particular timeline for this to take place, Mr. Woods said, “I must say that the corporation in all of its wisdom has already sent an invite for us to come to the table.” 

He added that both unions are walking into this meeting optimistic about a possible resolution.  

Both parties are set to meet with WSC’s Executive team on May 7th

Labour Minister Dion Foulkes recently shared with reporters that the relationship between WSC Executives and the union has improved. 

In response to his statement, Mr. Woods said, “from the the last time we met, I must say that the chairman and I left there shaking hands;  but in all fairness, it appears to the union as though that relationship has gone south.”

He added, “the board has now sanctioned that the HR Manager, the General Manager and the Deputy General Manager will now be responsible for HR matters.  So, we always had a good relationship with them. Once, they’re allowed to do their job, we’re looking forward to big things happening, because both sides  should hopefully use good faith in negotiations.”

WSC Management Union President Ednell Rolle said, “we have not met with the executives of the corporation. I would think that what he [Minister Foulkes] is implying is  that with the strike certificate, relationships should improve.”

He added, “that’s the only way I can see him making a statement like that,  because we have had no relationship with the executives,  because it is a matter of public record. The Chairman has advised no executive to meet with the president of a union without him being present.”

According to Mr. Rolle the corporation’s chairman is not supportive of their concerns. 

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