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Tru Tru Festival Ready

Tourism officials yesterday said they are excited about this year’s Tru Tru Festival, suggesting that the annual event will epitomise everything Bahamian.

The event which is being coordinated by The Bahamas Tourism Hotel Association (BHTA) in conjunction with The Ministry of Tourism is scheduled for November 5th on the grounds of John Watlings Distillery.

Tourism Director Joy Jibrilu said after the success of last year’s inaugural event, this year promises to offer even more.

“Last year was the inaugural year, and most people know a first year event you expect it to build up and to grow. Well for the first year, you had over 900 people show up. So they’re expecting that number to increase. Obviously word of mouth, people who came and had a fantastic time. As Stuart Bowe the president of BHTA mentioned, it’s a safe environment. It’s an environment that people can come with their family and just let the children run wild, shoot marbles and play ring play, and just have a good time,” Mrs. Jibrilu said.

BTHA First Vice President Carlton Russell said apart from the delectable Bahamian dishes, participants can expect so much more.

“It is an initiative that we want to take to the world. This is about being a true true Bahamian. We’re going back 20, 30 years to the things we used to do – catch the crab, roll the hook, plait the maypole. It’s those Bahamian traditions that were lost along the way and we need to bring them back to the forefront. That’s what the “Tru Tru Bahamian Movement” is all about,” he said.

“I urge everyone to come and be a part of it. Come and experience what’s true true. For the older generation there will be reminders for them. For the millennials, I’m sure there will be some introductions to traditions we have lost along the way,” Mr. Russell said.

“This year we added a different dimension, the family island Association, the Long Island Association, Andros Association. As a matter of fact we had to turn away one or two associations because we know the footprint, real estate is going to be too small,” he continued.

This year we’ll critique it, analyze it and of course next year we’ll have to make some adjustments,” he added.

Mr. Russell said expectations of the festival are at such high levels that futuristically officials can see the event taken to the streets.






Written by Jones Bahamas

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