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The People’s Business

With no time to waste on feather-bedding and molly-coddling for any interest [vested or otherwise]; the current Christie-led administration would be well-advised to be up and doing with seeing to it that its law-mandated appointments to this or that agency, Board or Committee are promptly executed.

In addition, the current administration would be well-advised to understand [and therefore take to heart] the fact that they are facing some very real fiscal challenges and that – as such – they are called to be especially prudent.

This implies that every effort should be made to see to it that the costs associated with governance itself should be subjected – as a matter of the most urgent priority – to the closest kind of review possible.

Indeed, no matter the promises they made – the fact remains that they will renege on some of these because they will not have the funds needed to pay for them.

For as long as the Great Recession has been the background for the conduct of public policy in The Bahamas, we have warned, counseled and sought to explain that business as usual should be out of the question.

We do remember that there was a time when we did warn that hard times were falling and that – as a consequence – all who would lead should work together to appraise the Bahamian people of the facts that would now help shape and steer their destiny in the world.

We remain convinced that this is what should be done and whatever is to be done should be done in a timely manner.

We today counsel and caution this nation’s leader and his closest advisors that they should be most leery of all those forces, fractions and all manner of people on the make who love living – as it were – in times past.

Evidently, May 7th. 2012 has come and gone and with its passage we now have in place a new administration – one that is [yet again] being led by the Rt. Hon. Perry Gladstone Christie.

This still-new administration would also be well-advised to rid itself of the notion that they and their most ardent true-believer supporters have all the answers to questions that matter in today’s Bahamas.

Issues like those germane to how we treat with undocumented economic refugees; how we reform the nation’s educational systems and how we deal with crime in its varied forms throughout this archipelago cry out for all-party consensus.

As such, these issues also cry out for the fullest measure of concern and support from Civil Society – its leaders and its very many supporters.

This is a matter that should be dealt with as if it was vitally important [as it surely is] to the well-being of each and every law-abiding Bahamian.

In addition, time and context make this matter especially significant in this time when troubles in Europe are today far worse than they were some time back.

This time around is remarkably different from that period of time [2002-2007] when he was prime minister and leader of The Progressive Liberal Party; this difference being owed – in no small measure – to the state of the United States economy in what seemed some very halcyon days; surely, these were days of plenty.

Nothing lasts forever. Boom gave way to bust as a rapidly changing global society was shaken to its very foundations as witnessed by a series of conjoined crises pivoting on rising fuel prices; rising prices for food and a mighty bust in the financial sectors in the United States and Europe.

This was accompanied by an earth-shattering crisis in the housing market in the United States.

As we now recall, this state of affairs led directly to similar crises in a Bahamas that has an economy that is so tied to that of the dominant U.S. economy that fissures and fractures at the level of the metropolis inexorably and ineluctably lead to devastating pressures at the periphery.

Such are the forces that are arrayed against small island developing states like the Bahamas that they are subject to the vagaries and gyrations of a system over which they exert next to no control; thus their tendency to be swayed left, right and center by this or that savage wind coming in.

In the ultimate analysis, change beckons and brings with it the imperative that today’s leaders in both Houses of Parliament should – as priority – break with status quo thinking and be up and doing with the people’s business.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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