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National Security Minister Marvin Dames yesterday congratulated 16 senior Police officers for completing phase one of his ministry’s Senior Professional Certification in Law Enforcement Leadership. 

Mr. Dames, in his address, said that as criminality evolves and becomes more sophisticated, it is important for public safety officials to adapt and make use of cutting edge technology. 

He said, “Our government  sees the importance of investing in our people first, because we realize that it is the people behind the technological advancements, who once properly trained and motivated, will bring about the needed success.”

He added, “advanced training beyond initial recruitment ensures confidence in officers who are often called upon to make decisions which impact the lives of others inclusive of taking the life of another; suspending an individual’s constitutional rights; making arrests; and conducting searches under the prescribed law.”

These 16 graduates embarked on an eight-week journey of intensive and instructive modules in a number of technical areas like Finance, Budgeting, Written Communication, Oral Communication, and  Human Resource Management. 

Police Commissioner Anthony Ferguson said, “You are the pioneers of this program. You were blessed with the opportunity of being first participants of it. Therefore, so much is riding on your overall success.” 

“You also have the opportunity of setting very high standards for those who will be following you. Congratulations on your successful completion of the first phase of your program. You could not have made it this far without discipline, dedication, and the desire to succeed.”

The graduates move on the phase two of their certification training at Georgia State University through the International Law Enforcement Exchange. 

Each of them will be working on attachments with law enforcement leaders in the United States at the federal, state, and local levels. 

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