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Shantytown report released

The legal status of shantytown residents vary, but for the most part, 41.1 per cent of those who call these unregulated communities home,  hold   work permits  to be in The Bahamas.

More specifically,  319 of those surveyed,  73 per cent of whom are males. A  breakdown shows that another 17 per cent  or 130 respondents say they are permanent residents, 16 per cent or 126 are reported citizens, four per cent or 28 of the respondents have   spousal permits  and two per cent opted out of saying what their  legal status is at .

It is important to note though that in the mix, 20 per cent or 153 people surveyed admitted they were undocumented.

A  look at ownership status shows an overwhelming majority –  that’s 76.8 per cent of 597 people household respondents said they owned their dwellings,  compared to the 19.9 per cent or 155 people who told enumerators they were renting. 

The remaining households – 2.8 per cent – either responded ‘other’ or gave no response.

Some 777 shantytown residents were interviewed. Altogether, 1,260 males and 1,004 females’ occupants lived in households with the respondents.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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