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Roberts: FNM’s Commentary Useless

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Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts lambasted the Opposition for what he described as its “useless commentary” concerning the proposed $2.1 billion Agri-fisheries deal between The Bahamas and China.


In a press conference held at the PLP headquarters, Mr. Roberts added that the Free National Movement (FNM) has yet to outline a policy on sustainable agriculture in the country.


“The response of the official Opposition FNM was totally useless in this national discussion. True to form, they had no policy and no plan and did what they have always done since 1972 and that is to say no and to insist on stopping and canceling. This is unhelpful and they have offered nothing to the national debate.


“When the President of China met with the CARICOM Heads of Government four years ago and announced the multi-billion dollar fund earmarked for CARICOM members, where was the FNM and what was its position? What is the policy of the FNM on the sustainable development of agriculture and marine resources in The Bahamas?


“In stark contrast to the FNM, the PLP government actually has a policy and plans for the development of agriculture and marine resources. The Bahamas must reduce its high import food bill; we as a country must pursue food security.


“Agriculture, marine resources and food processing represent the single greatest opportunity for job creation, expanded wealth creation, wealth expansion and economic diversification. This is a conversation that the Bahamian people must have about their economic future,” Mr. Roberts said.


Mr. Roberts also stated vehemently that the Fisheries Act is clear and that local fishing is reserved exclusively for Bahamians and that law has not changed.


“I am concerned about the level of misinformation being spewed into the public domain in the wake of the authorization letter to our embassy in China to pursue economic opportunities for Bahamians in the Agriculture and Marine resources industries.


“The public is advised that the Fisheries Act is clear: local fishing is reserved exclusively for Bahamians and that law has not changed. Any information to the contrary is bold faced lie and must be rejected as a lie. The Opposition must do its part in decrying these lies.


“Any talk about the Government of The Bahamas giving away, selling or leasing large swaths of land – 10,000 acres of land for example to the Chinese – is utterly false. Bahamians are encouraged to reject these lies,” Mr. Roberts said.



Last week, it was reported that the Bahamas embassy in China had been given the go ahead by Agriculture Minister V. Alfred Gray to have discussions with Chinese investors over the proposal.

The proposal projects a $2.1 billion injection into the local economy over 10 years through an equal partnership between Bahamians and the People’s Republic of China.


According to an earlier report, the proposed partnership will entail the incorporation of 100 companies, with the agricultural products and seafood to be used for local consumption, and exported to China and the United States for sale.


The proposal also reportedly includes the option to lease 10,000 acres of crown land in Andros.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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