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Process Begins For School Board Elections

Public School Boards will see returning or new board members by the end of October when elections of School Boards take place.


Parliamentary Commissioner Philip Turner, yesterday announced that the process of electing School Board members for 2017-2020 will begin.


“Today I have the pleasure to announce the School Board elections which we are mandated to conduct in accordance with the Parliament Elections Act and also in accordance with the statutes and regulations of the education act.


“The existing school board terms expire on the 31 of October 2017.


“In this regard it is prudent that we conduct election as soon as possible so as to cause for the efficient and smooth operation of the various schools,” Mr. Turner stated.


According to the commissioner, by law these elections should be held every three years.


Mr. Turner further said that this election process is similar to the general elections and with the same procedures for certification and election returning officers which are referred to as scrutinizers.


“School Boards are mandated by law to be held every three years. The last set of school board elections were held in 2014.


“Registers are required for each school to conduct the nominations and the School Board elections on.


“These registers must be certified by the parliamentary commissioner.


“Like the general elections and like the local government elections, it is required that there be a person who superintends each of these elections in each of the school board elections or nominations.


“This person as is equivalent to the returning officer in a general election is called a scrutineer under the Education Act.


“And so, I have appointed as I am mandated by the Parliamentary Elections Act, I have already appointed 64 scrutineers for each of the School Boards to conduct nominations,” Mr. Turner said.


According to Mr. Turner a number of things will happen leading up to the elections of new School boards in 60 plus schools.


“Nominations will be taking place on the 6 of October, in all of the school boards, that means there will be nominations in 64 school boards.


“The hours for nomination as consistent with Local Government and General Elections will be between the hours of 9am and 12 mid-day,” Mr. Turner said.


Mr. Turner confirmed that all registers were certified and that they were already in the hands of the respective scrutineers.


He is hopeful of the participation of the members and encouraged eligible persons to participate in the process.


“It is hoped that there will be full participation.


“I wish to encourage all persons in respective districts of the various schools to fully participate in this process.


“We intend to release the results of the elections where they are to be held no later than the evening of the School Board Elections,” he said



This election will involve 64 schools throughout The Bahamas.


Nominations are expected to be held in 40 schools in New Providence and 24 schools in the Family Islands.


Persons who are eligible to nominate members for the School Board must be citizens of The Bahamas. They must be 18 years of age or older, and they must be a parent or guardian of students in the respective schools.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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