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PM says tourism product needs diversification

The need to diversify the tourism product  was emphasized  during  Prime Minister Doctor Hubert Minnis’  address at the official opening of The Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountant’s week.

The group heard how the number one industry has untapped potential and because of this, the government will create a tourism development corporation to help local entrepreneurs.

“One of our core objectives must be to help or create greater economic benefits from tourism from micro small and medium sized businesses this means greater diversification across various tourism platforms as well as greater linkages with other economic sectors,” he said. 

The Prime Minister accepts though that when speaking about tourism diversification, it is still developing much of the infrastructure and facilities which gives rise to compelling visitor experiences, memories and storytelling.

“As a region, we are still working to develop and upgrade the museums and heritage sites which depict the traditions and culture of our people as well as show casing in a sustainable manner the wonders of marine life that highlights the earth’s biodiversity.”

The Prime Minister argued  that the Caribbean region needs to change its narrow focus of servicing local visitors only, instead of providing tourism services to the wider world.  

“In delivering domestic regional and international services we must ensure greater ownership of our travel and tourism sector by Caribbean nationals,” he said.

“For far too long we have focused our attention on tourism welcome on local personal services, which though currently critically important, is not the totality of talent required for development of this economic sector,” said Dr. Minnis.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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