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Munroe : I’m Voting Yes

Noted defense attorney Wayne Munroe has clarified his stance in regards to his position on the four proposed bills in the House of Assembly surrounding gender equality.

Munroe sought to dispel notions that insinuated he would be voting no in the upcoming referendum and in a recent press release suggested that detractors are using outdated information.

“It has come to my attention that some parts of the No campaign are saying that I am voting NO on the four Bills and urging others to also vote no. They are taking some of my old comments out of context. What they are saying is categorically untrue,” Mr. Munroe said.

He added that he is quite comfortable with the proposed legislation because he is a believer of protecting his own and the fact that the fourth and final bill seeks to resolve the much debated issues surrounding same-sex unions within The Bahamas.

“As Queen’s Counsel, having read the 4 bills I am satisfied that the provisions made by the first three Bills cannot be made with the same effect by ordinary Acts of Parliament. I believe in my protecting my own so I will be voting YES for Bills 1 to 3 and you should too. I am also satisfied that because of Article 26(4)(C) Bill four would close the door to same sex marriage in the Bahamas,” Mr. Munroe said.

Mr. Munroe took a religious stance in regards to the explanation of why he was voting yes in regards to the final bill.

“I believe in the biblical definition of marriage and because of that I will be voting YES for Bill four. If you also believe in traditional marriage protect it by voting yes on Bill four,” said Munroe.

The four proposed bills, which focus on the equal rights of women, citizenship and same –sex marriage has polarized the country for the last several months.



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