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Minnis: PM Doesn’t Know When It’s Time To Go

Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis is crying shame on the government for not diversifying their 2017 General Election candidate roster.
Dr. Minnis is insisting the race to the finish line will remain between two parties, his and the Progressive Liberal Party( PLP) but he sees the PLP as the losing challenger based on lack of transparency and too many familiar faces.
“Of the 16 candidates the PLP ratified recently, 11 of them are the same people who served in what has been the worst government since we achieved independence. These are the same people who wrecked our economy and wrecked the country in the past five years,” he said.
“If you want change and a new direction for the country you have to fire them and hire the FNM. This is a contest between the PLP and the FNM. A vote for the DNA is a vote for the PLP. If you go to bed with the DNA you will wake up with Christie and the PLP.”
He further singled out Prime Minister Perry Christie.
“Perry Christie believes he should be prime minister for life. He never got the message that the Bahamian people are tired of politicians who hang on for life,” he said.
“I keep reminding people that Christie has been in Parliament since 1974, before many people here in Eleuthera were born. He doesn’t know when it’s time to go; he doesn’t know how to bow out gracefully.”
The comments came during Dr. Minnis’ remarks during the ratification of its North Eleuthera representative former Torchbearer and businessman Howard Ricky Mackey last Thursday.
“He has deep roots in Harbour Island and Eleuthera. Rickey did his early schooling in North Eleuthera and Harbour Island. He also has deep roots in the FNM,” he said.
“He has worked in construction, tourism, and in heavy equipment. We need this kind of business expertise in government. Rickey will serve North Eleuthera well in the House of Assembly. I am happy to have Rickey on our team.”
Mr. Mackey responded by assuring FNM supporters that his experience would do the party justice.
“I am committed to seeking opportunities for improving our local economy and continue construction of our communities for the future of our generations to come, “he said.
“The unique combination of my qualification and determinate mixed with my passion for change I will be a great leader for this constituency.”
A lot has been said about the official Opposition in recent months with many of its detractors painting the FNM as a party in shambles with little to no hope of winning the next general election however Dr. Minnis remains unbothered.
He said he is sure that when Mr. Christie calls the election that is the time he removes himself from position at prime minister.
Mackey will face PLP standard bearer Clay Mackey and Democratic National Alliance (DNA) standard bearer Candace Weatherford.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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