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Hotel Union Ordered To Call Elections- Members Must Vote By February 28

The Bahamas Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union (BHCAWU) has until the end of the month to call an election, bringing an end to a longstanding rift between the current executive team and the one ultimately hoping to unseat it.

Chief Justice Sir Michael Barnett on Friday ruled that the BHCAWU must call elections by February 28th.

The chief justice was ruling on a constitutional motion filed by the union’s former shop steward, Dave Beckford, who was seeking clarity in terms of when union members should hold its next election.

BHCAWU elections are held every three years; the last being in 2009.

However, after a number of standoffs, BHCAWU President Nicole Martin and her team were not actually declared the winner until 2010.

Ms. Martin has since argued that her tenure does not actually end until this year.

But her opponents have held firm to the view that having cast their votes more than three years ago, it is beyond time to do so again and the chief justice agreed.

“We don’t feel about it because we’re scheduled for elections in any event and so, unless we’re advised otherwise , we’re going full speed ahead with elections because there have been too much things holding this executive back from really functioning in a way that we need to function,” Ms. Martin told the Bahama Journal outside court on Friday.

“I know God’s in charge and if he’s in charge, everything is done as it concerns me and my team. At this point, our members have a record we can bat on and so it’s just a matter of asking and believing that our members will oblige.”

When asked if her entire team will seek nomination, the incumbent president said that will have to wait until nomination day.
Pleased with the court’s decision, Mr. Beckford thanked everyone who supported him in the legal fight.

“I believe in our union. I believe in the members. Our constitution is clear and it’s time for our constitution to stop being violated. This administration, from they got in office, have violated our constitution. They failed to call regular monthly meetings. They failed to inform and update us on what’s going on and it’s time for the members to rise up,” he said.

Mr. Beckford, who has declared his intention to run for president, already has a team in place –Team Destiny.

“The honeymoon is over. This administration has been on a honeymoon ever since it came to office. It has failed its members and you can hear the cries. We are ready for change.”

No word on when the union’s elections will be called.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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