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Gray: Rollins’ Political Career Finished

Minister of Agriculture Alfred Gray is declaring that any further future in politics for Fort Charlotte MP Andre Rollins has come to an end.

Minister Gray spoke outside the House of Assembly Tuesday after the Rollins made a comment in the house of Assembly that he would do anything to be back in the FNM.

“No one knows from day to day what he’s going to do. If he gets up today he is A, by sunset he is B, by tomorrow morning he wants to come back to A,” he said.

“He has thrown Loretta under the bus. He has many times thrown Minnis under the bus, so I’m not sure who’s going to lead him now and he’s going to be a lone ranger. That’s how I see it because no one is going to really trust him,” the minister continued.

Minister Gray dragged Loretta into the mix saying she too is in desperation for a secure spot in politics and should not be trusted by the Bahamian people.

“My view is, his future in politics is finished, because he can’t go to the FNM, and I’m saying in terms of running for a seat, because you can always be what you want to be, but he was a potential candidate at one time for the FNM. He obviously was a potential candidate for the Loretta’s party if she had one, so it looks like they’re all scrambling for a future in politics.”

The minister said his biggest concern is for the Bahamian people who will ultimately have to decide if they want a minister who they is unstable.

“I am not sure what’s going to happen because the instability which surrounds the six of those dissidents and indeed the FNM is magnificently clear from day to day you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

The remarks of Minister Gray also come in time of Jerome Fitzgerald calling a political prostitute, addressing Rollins words in the House of Assembly in wanting to return to the FNM party.

Mr. Rollins then returned in saying Jerome Fitzgerald has sold his soul to the devil, in an interview outside the House of Parliament.

“That big nose that you see Fitzgerald has, those bumps on that nose, those are not acne bumps, those are devil horns.” Mr. Rollins said.

“I’m serious with this. He has sold his soul to the devil many times over. You see me I don’t need to stay in politics. I’m in politics because I love this country and I want to see this country improve he is in politics simply to promote his own selfish interest that’s why he stayed quiet while his people suffered while the gas was leaking under their homes,” Mr. Rollins said.

“The only one of the two of us that is guilty of prostituting himself is Jerome Fitzgerald who has sold his soul to the devil.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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