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GBHRA Accuses Munroe of ‘Rank PLP Hypocrisy’

Attorney Wayne Munroe’s, QC, decision to keep his list regarding alleged Free National Movement (FNM) corruption a “secret” is “rank PLP (Progressive Liberal Party) hypocrisy,” according to the  Grand Bahama Human Rights Association (GBHRA).

The GBHRA, led by attorney Fred Smith, QC, explained yesterday that if Munroe has information regarding alleged FNM corruption, he should turn it over to the police immediately and “let the chips fall where they may.”

“In true PLP form, however, Munroe now says he must keep his list ‘secret.’ Suddenly, and quite conveniently, it seems the police cannot be trusted,” the GBHRA added.

“This is nothing more than rank PLP hypocrisy.”

The human rights organization is shocked and appalled by the cynical posturing of the PLP in the face of an ongoing anti-corruption probe.

“While in office, the PLP insisted the police were trustworthy and impartial; even when threats of violence against the environmentalists of Save The Bays (STB) – who the PLP just happened to view as opponents – were repeatedly ignored,” the GBHRA said.

“Only when those same environmentalists appealed to the international community for help did the police take action – aggressively seeking to interrogate the victims rather than arrest their politically connected attackers!

“Supporting the police at every turn, the PLP accused environmentalists of ‘defaming the country’ and delivering a ‘grievous insult to the professionalism of the officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, who have always and continue to carry out their public duties without regard to the personalities or politics.

“Yet now, when the shoe is on the other foot, the police are politically motivated. This is the very definition of duplicity and double standards.”

The GBHRA insisted that it is now insulting that Munroe said his colleagues may seek protection from the very same international institutions they condemned STB for contacting.

“When activists seek international protection they are traitors; when the PLP does it, they are helpless victims!” the GBHRA said.

“When anti-corruption investigators knock on their door, it is a ‘witch hunt.’  But when the PLP violated the privacy of STB members and threatened to jail them for everything from criminal libel to sedition, Munroe and his colleagues had nothing to say.

“Nor did any PLP speak out when their own government issued an abusive and unconstitutional immigration policy, targeting individuals based on ethnicity and obstructing children’s access to school based on their parent’s nationality.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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