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Environmental Groups Applaud Disney—Company Scraps Plan To Develop Egg Island

Disney Cruise Lines’ decision to scrap plans to develop Egg Island has found favor with several conservation and environmental groups.

 The Bahamas National Trust (BNT), Waterkeepers Bahamas (WB) and Save The Bays (STB) have all applauded the company for its change of heart.

 Disney had planned to build a cruise ship port on Egg Island, uninhabited islet just off North Eleuthera. But many Eleuthera were staunchly against the idea.

 In fact, over 1,000 people reportedly signed a petition, charging that the planned development would have adverse effects on the environment.

 The group argued that the waste generated by the mass number of cruise ship passengers visiting the island would be “horrific.”

 Furthermore, the project would have led to the destruction of healthy coral reefs and would have been “counterproductive to Disney’s conservation efforts.

 Taking all this into account, Disney opted to leave Egg Island in its natural state.

 According to BNT Executive Director, Eric Carey, it is an indication that the company has taken its commitment to coral reef conservation seriously.

 WB and STB spokesman, Joseph Darville shared similar sentiments.

 “All the stars aligned on this and everything worked as it should, “Mr. Darville said in a statement.

 “The corporate entity, Disney Cruise Lines, demonstrated responsibility and made the right choice. The community got together and spoke in a voice that could not be ignored about an activity that would have changed their way of life and could have destroyed much of the fish population on which they depend for their livelihood because the reefs and the mangroves around Egg Island are important to fish, conch and crawfish nurseries and habitats. And the environmental assessment did what it was created for. Based on science, not emotion, it showed that there would have been damage and destruction of the marine environment.”

 Mr. Darville went on to express hope that the Disney example becomes the model on which others proceed in the future.

 “If only this had happened in Bimini, we might have been able to save some of the world’s most famous and treasured coral reefs that were destroyed in the name of development and for the sake of a cruise dock that is not even being used…”




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