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Cargill Shuns Minister


Suspended National Insurance Board (NIB) Director Algernon Cargill appears to be avoiding meeting with the Board and NIB Shane Gibson over the allegations he faces.

Mr. Cargill was suspended last year after allegations surfaced about conflict of interest and mismanagement of NIB funds.

While speaking with reporters yesterday, Minister Gibson said he and the Board tried to get Mr. Cargill to appear before them several times, but to no avail.

“Right now we are waiting on Mr. Cargill. We wrote him. He is still an employee of the Board and still being paid,” he said.

“We called him and asked him to attend a meeting. He said he was busy. We wrote him back and asked him to attend a meeting on May 21st. He said that he is not available until the 24th of June and we told him that he is an employee of National Insurance and either he shows up on the 21st or we will make a decision in his absence. And so he has between now and the 21st of May to show up and no amount of stalling will help. All we want him to do is come in so that he can discuss the contents of the report.”

The minister said that there is nothing new in the report that was prepared by accounting firm Grant Thornton as those allegations were brought when terminated NIB Greg Moss wrote a letter to Minister Gibson outlining them late last year.

“He had ample time to study it, come up with his answers and we need to put this whole thing behind us,” Minister Gibson said.

Minister Gibson said there was a separate audit for Mr. Moss, which indicates that he did nothing wrong.

“I was also in contact with National Insurance from the time I was in there from May,” he said.

“I knew about everything or just about everything that was happening and based on the reports that I got from day one I was always told that Moss did nothing wrong. I was not surprised on the outcome on Moss.”

Mr. Moss was terminated after he said that Prime Minister Perry Christie told “an untruth” about him not being in possession of a NIB issued credit card.

“Whenever you are dealing with these situations there is a process that must be followed. I become impatient sometimes with the process that I have to follow. If I had my way with this incident this would have been done with a long time ago,” he said.

“Unfortunately, I am not operating my own business. I am in the business of the government and there are certain processes that I must follow whether I want to or not or certain advice I must take whether I want to or not.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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