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Wheelchair bound mother alleges police brutality

A  50 – year – old  wheel-chair bound  mother is suing the government and the Royal Bahamas Police Force  for police brutality.  Eloise Canter of Dignity Gardens  claims  that she and her son  17 year old son Omar Canter  were beaten by Police.

He says  Omar  has been targeted by police, even in front of his own son.

“They handcuffed my son, kicked him in his mouth, kicked his teeth out his mouth, burst him in his mouth, put their elbow in his face whiles he’s in hand cuffs,” she said.

“Then I told them, I said y’all shouldn’t do this in front of this little boy, this little boy has to go to school.

“I said for y’all to do this to his daddy in front of him, that’ll traumatize him.

“They screw me up and hit me in my face, and lick me down out my wheelchair, they took my phone and took his phone, and tell me say I must shut my mouth they are the law.”

Ms. Canter said she’s tried several times to contact the relevant authorities, but nothing has been done, she’s now battling nightmares.

“I put in long time to see Commissioner Greenslade when he was there, they don’t want me to do it.  I put in to speak to this commissioner, they don’t want me to see the commissioner,” she said.

“Nothing has been done, and all we’re doing is just getting brutalized, the police them will come and screw me up, I’m in a wheel chair.

“I tell you I just come out the hospital, I had stitches in my hip and I come out the hospital the second day after I had surgery and them police come in my house and they throw me in the air and when I land, all the stitches came out and the blood spout out my hip.”

The Journal reached out to Assistant Commissioner of Police, Clayton Fernander, who said he was unfamiliar with the matter, and as such could not speak to it.

He did however suggest Ms. Canter visit the complaints unit or personally contact him for assistance.

Ms. Canter meantime said she will be visiting the complaints unit on Monday.

She plans to sue the government.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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