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Wells: Rollins Won’t Survive As Independent

TENNYSON WELLS (83)Former independent candidate Tennyson Wells said yesterday that FNM MP for Fort Charlotte Dr. Andre Rollins would not be elected to the House of Assembly as an independent candidate.

 Although Mr. Wells views the Fort Charlotte MP as “a bright and intelligent young man”, he said his views are that he lacks judgment.

 “I don’t think he can be elected presently as an independent candidate,” Mr. Wells said in an interview with the Bahama Journal.

 “Where would he run to be elected as an independent? I think he lacks judgment for some of the things he does from what I see but I don’t see where he could win anywhere as an independent in this country today.”

 Recently, Dr. Rollins made it clear that he would not run under another political party if he is not offered a nomination by the Free National Movement (FNM).

 He added that most likely he would run as an independent candidate due to his awareness of scrutiny over his track record.

 Dr. Rollins has also said he would not seek nomination from the FNM if opposition leader Dr. Hubert Minnis remains leader after the party’s convention in the next two weeks.

 Dr. Rollins has been critical not only of the government but of Dr. Minnis’ leadership role.

 Mr. Wells, who was also an FNM Cabinet Minister said Dr. Rollins also lacks the experience to be successful as an independent candidate.

 “I had been in Bamboo Town for 20 years and after I won the first time, the second time I lost. I think if you have history maybe (you can win),” Mr. Wells said.

 “I remember many of my good supporters who told me even if I was in a party they would vote for me then, but they would not vote for an independent because they couldn’t see what could happen.

 “I believe when I look at it in hindsight they were right under the system in which we work in today.”

 Dr. Rollins was suspended from the House of Assembly last week after refusing to stop speaking despite warnings from Speaker Dr. Kendal Major.

 The MP was escorted out of the Lower Chamber when Education Minister Jerome Fitzgerald was attempting to wrap up debate on the legislation to transform the College of The Bahamas to the University of The Bahamas.

 Dr. Rollins will return to the House of Assembly on August 3.





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