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Wells: Ingraham Will Be Embarrassed If He Comes Back

Former FNM Member Tennyson Wells one of the latest to offer his thoughts on the possible return of Hubert Ingraham to frontline politics.

In an interview with The Journal, Wells said that he is very pessimistic about the prospects for Ingraham’s return and added that if he does he will be unsuccessful in his bid to secure the leadership.

“I really can’t say but I don’t see him doing it, if he comes back I think it will be embarrassing for him.

“I don’t think he will succeed if he comes back, if I was in his position I wouldn’t do it.

“He will definitely get beat if he returns,” Mr. Wells said.

Mr. Wells claimed that there are still some persons within the party that harbour negative feelings about Mr. Ingraham because of the way he exited in 2012.

“The way he left the party I think a lot of people after what was done for him, are not really for him. They just see it as him using the FNM as a vehicle to achieve his personal gains and don’t think people will go along with it this time,” he said.

Mr. Wells also offered some advice to the team of Butler-Turner and Sands if they are unsuccessful in achieving a victory this week, with himself once facing a similar plight.

“I think FNMs will be able to unify after this year’s convention; however in Loretta’s case I think she should do the honourable thing and step aside.

“She should say she gave it her best shot and it didn’t work.

“When I alleged foul play in the leadership race in 2001 I thought it was a corrupt practice.

“I walked away and I told them straight and plain, I would not accept a nomination, and I would not apply for one.

“So I ran as an independent and if they want to stay in politics this is what they should do, ” Mr. Wells said.

Mr. Wells recently has been a strong supporter of Dr. Minnis who is expected to take on Mrs. Butler-Turner in a leadership race at the party’s convention this week. His comments have perturbed some FMNs.

With Ingraham releasing a statement saying he will remain retired, current FNM Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest weighed in on the possibility and said he takes the man for his word.

Turnquest said that he feels that Ingraham will remain retired as he has reiterated numerous times over the past several years.

“When it comes to Mr. Ingraham we must remember that he staked a career in being plain speaking.

“He coined the phrase I say what I mean and I mean what I say, he has indicated several times that he has retired from active politics.

“Certainly he has a very valuable role to play as a statesman and as a senior member of our party and we will take advantage of the talents and experiences he has.

However we can only take him at his word for the moment,” Dr. Turnquest said.

Turnquest also added the even though the party may seem divided, after the process is complete all FNMs will come together.

“The former prime minister sent out a statement calling for unification within the party following the next convention.

“It is the desire for all of us who are involved in these competitions to unite, we believe at the end of the day we’re all guided by a formal philosophy and common principles that unites us as Free National Movement members.

“We believe in our party, we believe in the philosophy and that’s what will be the rallying call for us as we move past this leadership contest.

“I believe once we have decided who will be leading us into the next general election, the party will rally around that person and we will unite in a common cause to defeat this Progressive Liberal Party and to rescue this country from the destructive path that it has been on for the last four years,” Mr. Turnquest said.

The FNM General Convention begins tomorrow where a team led by Butler-Turner and Sands will challenge incumbents Minnis and Turnquest for the leadership positions in the party.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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